Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mission accomplished

I finished my blue silk cardigan without embroidery, the drawstringbag and the pink scarf is blocket. Nothing is impossible. When I cleaned the mirror I will show pictures!
I´m worth one more drink of glögg!!!


There´s a thin red line between UFO and VIP but I think this is a VIP. The yarn is a fleamarket find in cotton, one mustard and one off white thread. I´m planning on making a simple sweater and embellish it with patchwork shapes in felt attached with buttonhole stitches like this one from Free people
( I think ) Like those mittens too!

UFO mission 7

Lots of weaving in ends here. Knitted in Bourette silk in a lovely coffe brown shade that does not show on the photo. Been waiting for sewing loooong time. need to buy tread, tha yarn is way to weak to use, probably will I need to make it longer, have some yarns left. The sweater is based on a pattern in VK but since the photo is soooo bad it can´t be seen.

UFO mission 6

Blue silk cardigan needs trimmings and the snaps on the proper place. Put one not there yesterday so I have to find some tools today ( ? ) to remove it. Will probably add machine embroidery or sew on something. The burgundy velvet trim, but not as wide is going at the arm endings as well on the Onion goes Chanel jacket.

UFO mission 5

My Onion goes Chanel jacket, needs arms and zipper and a thin velvet trimming, detail of chain:

I really like this jacket and it looks good with the New year skirt. That skirt is finished!

UFO mission 4

Draw string bag for laundry. Need drawstrings and have done that for way too long!

UFO mission 3

My recycled Spede. Need to buy some more trimming for this one, will have to wait. Go to the store tomorrow!

UFO mission 2

It´s the Viveca sweater, needs some weaving in ends, sewing side seams and blocking.

UFO mission 1

Scarf in recycled sari silk and merino, needs weaving in ends and blocking. How hard can it be!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Year Skirt

This is my X-mas skirt that suddenly turned into my New Year skirt since I´m home alone with the flu.
Great pattern, the piece, it´s only one is cut on straigt grain in the middle back and turnes into bias in the front. I made my skirt longer than the two pattern options and will make many more!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

X-mas skirt

I wanted a red skirt for christmas and liked this pattern since I saw Jette ( the designer ) wearing it more than two years ago. I cut it in a burgundy red linen fabric about a mounth ago and pinned it to a curtain to stretch.
The skirt is in one piece, it´s on straight edge in the middle back and bias at front, and it´s fits beatiful over the hips. I need help with the hem, gonna ask a friend tomorrow. It´s really fast sewing, front hems, waistband and hem. I´m gonna add something to the ties to embellish it and leave the skirt plain. It will look good with the Onion-Chanel jacket when it gets ready.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cute skirt

I saw this skirt on Anthropologie, It looks like it´s Odd molly but it´s not, It´s corduroi, but I have a nice piece of grey wool that need something fun to it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hey! there´s the images

or at least one!

Odd Molly meets Noa Noa

My images has been added said blogger but I can´t see them! If I could it would be two pics ( or by now five ) of my new sweather knitted in a silk yarn bought in Copenhagen in a bargain bin in august or maybee july.
I knitted it from the top and did the arms on circular needles. The hems are in crochet, idea stolen from Odd Molly. I used 10 balls of yarn and now I have to weave in all ends and add some velvet trim and snap buttons.
I got 2 hole balls left and are going to use them for a cutebag found on an internetsite, forgotten what site. Sorry!
And it´s been added too! Let´s skip this for tonight

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Onion jacket again

Last night I basically finished the body with the hood, still need to add the zipper and some handstitching and finding the right trim. I had some difficulties thinking up how to proceed with the hood but I ended up sewing the outer layer on mashine and attaching the inner layer by hand, looked like this

The grey is the lining and the burgundy is for the inside of the hood and facings. It was nice sewing the bouclé but I lost some needles in it and I was glad that I used 2 cm seam allowances! I attached the chain to. I had a golden chain since a long time ago that I used, but the zipper is going to be brass, I´ve decided not to think too much about this. So far I´m pleased with the result and I´m glad I shoosed this tecnique instead of underlaying and do it the usual way and so far I´m very pleased with the pattern. It will probably not look like a regular Chanel jacket but everyone know I can´t afford that either... I think I´ll like this better!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Onion jacket

I bought this fabric a year ago in Paris, it´s a wool- viscose bouclé and it looks much more hot pink in real life. I like Chanelstyle jackets but I´m not a classic dresser so it´s been resting in my closet but the other day I took this pattern:
and decided to make a jacket for myself. I shortened the jacket 5 cm/ 2 inches, it´s longer than on the drawing and shortened the arms to, I do that on all Onionpatterns and made a FBA. It´s under construction, I´m using the tecnique in last Threads and had some difficulties figuring out how to do the hood. I´m lining the complete jacket, used a quilted burgundy fabric bought at PR weekend Copenhagen last year for the hood, front and lower arms and grey viscoselining for the rest. I like it so far. I havn´t been sewing much this fall so I really need something to get me going. I have enought fabric for a skirt too, but I dont think I´ll ever wear them together.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Bad shot! but I wanted to show my nice broch made my my friend Jenny. She used a pattern from garnstudio and two shades of Karisma. The pattern for the flower is on a hat and scarf if you want to make one yourself.

Skirt for fall

All fall I´ve seen cute skirts in the windows in city with trims, inspiring me to make this one. And since I´m been really low on sewing for a long time I thought a fast project was gonna start me off again, I bought this fabric ( cotton ) becourse I liked the fabric and the colors anf since I consider myself a Fall I thought it would be nice. I did it basically freehand, took a chance on how much I needed for the hip, used the small cheap ruffler to gather the ruffled part and then had to cut away 20 cm, 8 inches becourse it was to big ( at least it wasn´t the other way around...) The velvet trim was in the stash and for speedreasons I used elastic in the waist

This is how it looks like and it looks godd on me to and I like it, but I don´t feel comfortable wearing it now, it feels to summery.

Here´s a detail of the fabric and the trim. I have to see what I can find in the closet to tune the colors down or I just have to wait for next summer or early spring will do.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear Santa, today I´ve been very good...

I made new arms and new cuffs that I like, I also sewed the lining and attached it and the facings to the coat. Next will be some handstitching to hold the facing. I still need some creative way to hide the extra buttonhole and I need to open up the facing for the buttons. Now I´m allowed to go clubbing tonight. There are a couple of creative women in this town who has started "craft clubbing", one of them said in an interview that it was becourse it was so boring going out and have nothing to do and being the only one knitting in the pub... Way to go!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Viveca finished

The knitting on Viveca is done, now it needs some sewing, weaving in ends and blocking.
Next project is my silkyarn that I´m making a cardigan with raglan sleeves knitted from the top! I think it will work

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Viveca again

First arm finished, I really like the long wide style. I also did the crochet around the V neck and if it was one cm deeper I would have to frog again. If someone are planning to knit it and read this consider measuring this before!

Friday, October 20, 2006


This is what my coat looked like when I gave in last year. The pattern is a BWF jacket. I had a lot of inspiration and tried different armcuffs, but then I made a buttonhole too many and it wasn´t fun anymore. It´s been ripped so you can´t see it on the picture but I have to do something fun to cover it, maybee some machine embroidery on a piece of the velvet, don´t know yet. I bought new really expensive boots so this is what I have to work with for a coat. The wool is from Stoff och Stil, a danish chain fabric store as is the velvet trim and the velvet for the collar and armcuffs is from Ohlssons tyger that´s closing down now and having a sale. It´s really not a big deal for the people of Malmö, but they where my source for Onion patterns.
Progress on Viveca: finished front again and are half way throught first arm, doing it on circular needles and starting from the top, I made the arms 12 stitches wider by picking up stitches from the sideseams and knitting them until size of the 8 stitches added and then picking up from the armcycle. The V-neck looks really good now. I increased every second row. will try to take picture o it, it´ll probably looks like those fashion photos showing black clothes...

Monday, October 16, 2006


I finished the front of the Viveca and knitted the shoulders together and tried it on. No way I can be creative enought to do something about this deep V-neck so I frogged it and is going to knit 10 cm/ 4 inches more before splitting this time. I´m doing it in XL and maybee the other sizes have better proportions.

I was going to write about my mini SWAP here but since blogger don´t want to load pictures tonight I´ll be back another time, on a computer near you

Saturday, October 14, 2006

...and more socks

My Jaywalkers are done.
The Viveca sweather has a finished back and almost a front too. It has a very low V-neck I might do something creative there and there are some miscalculations in the pattern but it´s easy to knit and a rather fast project.
Yestarday I was snoopshopping Odd Molly merchendice and are planning to use a silk yarn for a "stolen" cardigan .
I have a half sewen coat from last year that I will have to look into and then there´s the Lucia jacket. I think I might be the UFO queen!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

knitting and sewing

The ripple weawe socks that I showed earlier has been frogged twice and turned into 1,5 Jaywalker socks. I got messed up in the pattern and decided not to sweat so much over a pair of socks.
I´ve been sewing too. I made new curtains for my livingroom and it´s probably the first time I decided to make curtains, sewed them and completed the hemming in two days. Now I´m allowed to lock for new pillows, Yey!
I went to Salvation army yesterday and found a nice yarn in a wool, cotton, linen and polyamid blend, it´s only 7% synthetic so I bought it 20 balls and started to knit a Viveca sweather from the latest Knitty. The yarn I bought are a twist of a plain black wool tread and a blue boucle tread and I´m using a burgundy cotton for the details.
Talking about burgundy, I also found a lambwool men´s sweather that I felted yesterday and should eventually become something very nice. I should however finish my green " spede" from a felted green sweather.


Amy Butler has really cute patterns and this pattern looked both simple and cute.
I´m a true beliver that you can´t have too many bags or too many shoes, but shoes can give you blisters and doesn´t always fit som my obsession is more to bags and When I found this bag I had to make my own. I do own two of her patterns too but this one I chosed to steal first in FQ reproprints

and then in a remnant from a jacket I made before. This one is what I use to bring lunch and fruit to work in
The repro bag I use as a handbag when wearing turquoise clothes

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Odd Molly

A good site for snoopshopping is Odd Molly. They have two fall and winter collections out now, a lot of goodies for someone who crochet, knit and sew.
I probably told you about them before but I get so inspired by them!

socks. socks, socks

I never thought I would be a sockoholic but now I have
to confess! I love these small project and the possability to try new tecniques in knitting. My latest sock is the feather and fan sock in purple, I took a break in knitting them due to heat so they are slightly different in size... The selfstriping sock is knit in a cotton-acrylic yarn called Rodeo. I had to use 3 balls due to matching stripes and the last picture showes the start of the Ripple weave sock from the latest Vogue Knitting ( I find the fall issue 2006 very good and a lot of things I like and can wear )

Sunday, September 10, 2006


A little something I found on the net. The necklace is from antropology and if you go there you can zoom to count the stitches, or you can take the idea and use different flowers and stars. It´s made of merc. cotton and lurex.

The bag is from Stonemountainbags and is croched in a feather and fanpattern. I want both!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Alive and knitting

This is my cat playing with my latest project. I ran across some difficulty sewing the pockets on the jacket so it´s been put aside. This project is going to be som kind of raglan sweather, it´s the frogged coton from the lace project . It´s the back and it´s done starting in the middle, adding on stitch at the beginning of each row and 2 stitches on eash side of the middlestitch, when the width is to measure I´ve knitted 2 stitches together at the beginning of each row. I like knitting on small needles, and it´s easy to knit and talk on the same time so I kind of enjoying it. The safety pin is marking for the neckline on the front, but I´m not there yet...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Safarijacket BWF 4/2006 # 124

In April´s Burda there where a collection in The PLUS range from Lucia and I liked both the jackets but wanted to start off with tha safari jacket
I liked the cut of this jacket so much and I had a suitable fabric in my stash so let´s go...
ooops! not enough fabric, lacking 20 cm ( 8 inches ) from wat it says in the magazine and you can see from the photo that there are not much left, and there´s a spot on that part too!

I thought over my options, less pockets? no but reminding me of a tip in treads saying using single layer layout I drew patterns of the pocket flaps and cuffs and placed them on the remaining piece of fabric avoiding the spot! and if I used the lining fabric for the pockets there are enought fabric!!

After marking the pockets I decided that I wanted the other side out so I removed the markings using fabric spot remover and a toothbrush and now some pieces are hanging in my shower drying. Then I´ll have to remark them
The story continues...

BWF pants 9/2004# 142

I liked the skirt with the great elastic waist so much that I just have to do the pants too with the hem treatment.
Me and stretch pants have not been on the same planet before due to seeing a lot of awful visions of what Tini calls the "muffin effect" or something like that. I bought my first pair of jeans with stretch earlier this week and then decided to tackle some fabric with stretch in them. The pants are great and here are some closeup on the details like the hem and the pintuck.
I got the fabric at the ugly fabric SWAP at PR weekend in Denmark last year so the pants cost me the thread and the elastic! The metall rings where salvaged from some other project

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I made pants!

I only show the closeup. The photo of me in the mirror looks odd. I used a BWF pattern 2006/ 05 no 134 that I added lenght in the legs to and made a draw string waist. I saw a simular pair in town last summer and I´m so glad that I finally have these pants. I´m also glad that I´m back in business, tomorrow I´m gonna go down to the basement and cut out a jacket and a skirt. I have to show you what it look like in "my" basement. The room I use for cutting is a mangel room. A mangel is a giant machine that due to pressure makes your linen and sheets wrinklefree instead of ironing. Here´s 2 pics:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I made a skirt!

Sewing has been down here for a while, now mostly due to heat.
I bought a linen remnant at Stof och Stil in charcoal and found a nice skirt in BWF 6/2006 but decided to use the upperpart from the skirts I made earlier and blogged about. The skirt looks like this

The hem has a nice swing but after trying it on I feel that it´s not 100% linen and it feels to warm right now. I also feel that you can´t see the cut even though I topstitched it. It´s actually more visable on the photo than in real life. Now I want to make a jacket with a lot of detail but not in this heat...

Monday, July 10, 2006


These bags are one of the things I was druling over today as I spent the day in Copenhagen, these big bags costs about 350 dollars/ 2500 kronor. I also bought lace and lingerie fabric, silk yarn and a bra and panties from a lingerie store called Change there it´s normal to wear over a D cup and at affordable prices and the cute stuff in the big cupsizes too!
I feel I need to organize my sewing area, it´s not only the wheather that keeps me from sewing, and my bathingsuit is falling apart in front of my eyes due to clorine and salt and I know I have a piece of swim suit fabric somewhere...
Tomorrow it´s SnB!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gathering of lace 3

I´m totally in love with this book!

I knitted a sampler of the lace for the v-neck cardigan and have done som recalculating so now I´m off to buy yarn. I´m gonna make the edges in a contrast color to make it a little Odd Molly

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gathering of lace 2

I love this book!!!!
I had to start a shawl yesterday. I´m making the feather and fan shawl and using a recycled red yarn and I choosed this pattern becourse I felt that I could end it anytime if I´m out of yarn.
Next I´m gonna make a tablecloth from offwhite cotton and there´s clothes in it too. I have to buy this book!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gathering of lace

I went to the library today and found "A gathering of lace". It´s a beautiful book and after the library I went down to the shore, had lunch and looked thrugh my books an thought I recognized the Spanish peacock shawl!
The pattern are the same as the one my great grandmother knitted but she had a different middle section! Maybee it´s avery common and international pattern but I think it´s kind of fun

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have been knitting and sewing but nothing is really progressing. The sarisilk scarf is basically ready but need to be embellished.
We have a clothing company here in Sweden called Odd Molly their adress is www.oddmolly.com and they have very nice jackets in crochet and of course I don´t want to pay what they charge in the shops when I can do it myself, but I have to find the perfect pattern so I borrowed a book called "Encyclopedia of crochet" and trying the different patterns in it. I also have to decide on the perfect color, I´m not a pastell girl. I like the teal, maybe with beige or purple.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I got 10 onionpatterns yesterday! Onion are a danish patterncompany that makes great patterns. Look at the models that are sewed at their webpage, the link is at right on this page.
I think I´m gonna make a return to school SWAP. I can see myself with a summer scedule that saw sewing in the morning, then beach and knitting in the afternoon and beer and coffea somewhere in between

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Skirt and tanning report

My shorter skirts has made a difference in the color of my legs and my fifth skirt, made of a cottonprint, big bold flowers from mid 60 made a colleage of mine laught when I whore it to work on friday. She had the same fabric as curtains in her first appartment... so she got nostalgic.
Sorry no photo.
Working on my recycled silk scarf and spede cardigan.
I saw that there´s a competition on Pattern Review on sewing lingerie that´s interesting becourse I need to sit down and start sewing again, and after that there´s a one pattern- 3 looks competition, seams fun too

Saturday, June 10, 2006

more vintage knitting

I talked about my great grandmother before, this is one of her knits too.
It´s a dolls dress she made for my mother who was born in 1931.
The skirt and sleeves are in a variation of feather and fan and it´s buttoned in the back with tiny tiny buttons.. I have it hanging from a cupboard as decorations in my livingroom

Friday, June 09, 2006

"spede" cardigan

A woman on my SnB group is a designer and has done a revieval on Spede tröjor. They where worn in the south of sweden among the peasant population and are a part of the national costumes here. They are very thin thightly knitted sweathers that are decorated with fabrics and embroidery etc. The name spede is a local word for sticks as in sticks used to lit the fire becourse the knitting sticks where so thin.
Anyway, I went to a galleri to look at some of her work and got inspired, so when I got home I took a turtle neck sweather that I felted in the washing machine, cut it opened and scooped the neckline and started to decorate it like a spede. On the photo I´ve put on lace and a black trim but there are much more to come. I´m also gonna make the arms narrower. More photos will be coming as the work progresses

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Vintage knitting

This is a cloth knitted by my great grandmother at least 50 years ago. It belongs to my mother and is badly blocked and as I discovered it has a hole in it, I´m gonna try to repair it. The curious cat is mine.
I used to have a cloth too but it was knitted in some synthetic yarn and had a washing accident years ago
I have what´s left of her knitting needles and crochethooks and they are tiny. I have some croched lace samplers too, some of them I used for crazy quilting

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

pie, promenade and recycled sari silk

We are having national holiday today so it´s been weekend since saturday = 4 days.
I´ve finished my promenade shawl, I only have to weave in the ends and block it. I´m so thrilled with it, photos are coming soon...
The perfect pie are frogged, to boring to knit BUT the tecnique with the short rows are interesting...
I went to check out a new yarn store in Åhus, I´ve been visiting my parents and it´s close to there house.
They had some Drops, some Rowan, same Noro, same Colinette and some recycled silk, The rec. silk was like a tweed yarn and I bought 2 skeins in a pink shade. After making some samples I decided on doing a gartherstitch on the bias and add some embellishment after.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I started the perfect pie shawl from weekend knitting with the light purple mohair, did not work out. The yarn is too fluffy to show of the pattern so back to the bin and I took some grey wool and used that instead. Much better! I casted on about 150 stiches instead of 76 and used smaller needles. you use a short row teqnique and the pattern is fun and easy. I have some black wool that I´m planning to use for the border.
My hot pink bag is done, frogged and recroched with one stand of yarn and a pattern found in Burda easy fashion; you crochet 3 rows of half double crochet and the fourth row you make a triple crochet stitch in the fourth stitch from the needle, then you make 3 double stitces in the 3 stiches behind the triple stitch.
The new bag is deeper and will have a nice lining with pockets for the cellphone and other things
Now I have to go and get the handles!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Trio of skirts

Here they are! The first is the one I described yesterday, the second is natural linen and the third is a stretchtwill.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I haven´t been talking much about sewing, but I´ve been making 5 skirts from the same pattern. I decided I needed simple skirts for summer and I already had a great pattern it´s from Burda 9/2004 number 144 and it does not look that special... The first time I used the pattern was 1,5 years ago, I made almost the pictures skirt but put the pocket so I could put my hand in it.
This time I wanted shorter skirts so my legs could get a tan... so I made them about 60 cm,23 inches, a good lenght for me.
The reason why I love this pattern is that it has elastic in the waist but it is also shaped in the side seams and has darts so there are not so much fabric to add bulk at the waist. I have a picture of the first 3 but not on this computer. Will add then tomorrow. The top skirts fabric is fab. its stretch and has a pattern wowen into it and then it´s printed, I have two skirts of this fabric before and they are so good looking and nice to wear.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Here are the poms. I´t is hard to take photos of your feet. My poms are bigger than the original and they are well frogged.
I think the original pattern has 6 pattern rep. and mine has 8
They where really fun to knit!
I´m miss bigfoot
I made the hedera too in black so the photo looked like something black in a shape of a foot. both patterns are from knitty and you can also reach them by clicking on " knitters anonomous" in my links.

New yarns

Went to salvation army late wedensday and found nice yarn in mohair 90% content and a cotton twisted in offwhite and mustard but since my checkaccount was empty I went back friday morning and bought it. The mohair is light lavender and not really my color but came to think of a shawl in weekend knitting where you crochet the border in a different yarn. I think I´ll go for that. There where nine balls for about 10 dollars. The cotton cost the same but had 11 skeins in the bag. I´m gonna knit a cardigan of them and if it looks dull I´ll dye the ready made garment in the washer.
My knitting has been a bit of aberlady, but now it´s time to split more yarn and I finished a sock from different purple tones, I used the same yarn for my poms. These new socks are made in a feather and fan pattern and I´m really proud becourse it´s the first time I tried this pattern and succeded