Monday, April 30, 2007

Neck laces in crochet

Pearls on strings, the first one in natural linen tread and clear crystal pearls was done after a trip to Barcelona where a local young designer had a little shop in the Old Town. The other two are made the other year mixture of pearls one at a time in the burgundy an 1 - 3 pearls at a time in the blue. the burgundy is buttonhole twist and the blue is a variagated pearlcotton

Crafty monday

Went to a local mall today, bought a kit on sale Nice colors
later that afternoon

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Work in progress

The arms will be narrower, and both the arms and the body is shorter. Are going to add on the lower crochet band, shape the waist a bit and add ribbons at the arms. But not tonight!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Summer dress

Since I started reading " A dress a day" I´ve realized that I don´t have enought dresses so here´s a new addition to my summer wardrobe. It needs blue satinribbon for the drawstring and wider ribbons to tie under the bust. Hereé a detail and the hem is uneven, it´s shorter in front. Try something new each day!!
The pattern is Onion 2009 This is a new version of the pattern, my envelope is missing the ruffles and the long sleeves.
Easy and fast to sew in a quilters cotton, maybe not the best choise for a full bust but with a little or a lot tan I will forget

Flea market find

I found this sweather on a flea market today for 35 crowns, thats about 7 dollars. The condition is really good and it´s cotton and it was wery close to what I was looking for ( how often does that occur?) The reason why I was looking was these picks from, yes of course Odd Molly

It can happen, or at least something simular

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Onion goes Odd Molly

I had this pattern Saw this skirt ( Odd Molly )
Made me do this skirt
and this skirt

and I already found a brocade to make a more look a like skirt

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I know it´s not i tiara but when I pass the mirror and see the light reflect in the crystals I feel like Cinderella! I love the clothes of Odd Molly (! They have cool croched and knitted as well as fabric clothes and this hair piece... inspired me to do this, it was a quick project, same left over yarn, a remnant of lace and some glue- on- crystals. Take a look att Odd Molly! There are at least two blouses to be bought through Anthropologie, link at right.
There where also a belt just like the tiara. What time is it??

Monday, April 09, 2007

Maren scarf

This crochet scarf is from Romantic country strik and is made in Rowan felted tweed in the book, I didn´t have enough of the first yarn but found a match in the pink. They are both Mohair

Noro scarf with buttons

The yarn inside is Noro Ganpi abaka surabu it´s a paper/ viscose yarn and the other yarn is Lino in linen/ cotton ( maybee some viscose ) knitted together , 30 stitches on stitches 6 mm for as long as the yarns last

After finishing I added buttons after an idea in Romantic country strik
You just have to buy this book!
Yarn and idea from Summerfuglen

Good book

I bought this book at "Summerfuglen" that´s probably the nicest yarnshop i Copenhagen. The book is written by Inga Walloe Pantzar and Ditte Larsen who is the owner of Summerfuglen ( The name means butterfly in english )
This scarf/collar is knitted in Rowans felted tweed and I´ve almost finished mine. I´m using satin ribbons and pearls instead of leather an onion bullets
Isn´t this page cool!!!
The books ISBN is 13:978-87-567-8066-7 or 10:87-567-8066-4
Buy it!!!


I never took a photo of the finished scarf. Here it is! A little big for this little girl who is my niece Hanna. Warm and cosy and can be wrapped different ways. Here´s the backview:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Copenhagen again

I love the bags of Jane Burchard. These where showcased at a coffee shop. We are still in Copenhagen and Jane Burchard´s shop is on Köpmagergade 7 next to Illum. There´s a webpage that´s not up yet. The adress will be
The coffee was great too!!


It´s empty in the lowest basket. I bought that yarn. Like both the cardigan and the dress. The shop is called Uldstaedet or something simular it means the wool place