Monday, October 10, 2011

Shopping in Seattle

We have been to a lot of Goodwills and fabric stores and I've bought a lot of patterns and some fabric and notions. We have been to two Pacific fabrics, JoAnn and some more "creative" stores. We also went to a pearl fair.
This is from across Pike Place Market
and this I think is on 4:th avenue. It's Pumpkin cake and the latte is clamed to be the best in Seattle

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mill Creek Main Street Yarn

I've been here only a short while but have already visited the local yarn store
and bought some yarn from a local artist. It's handdyed and contains wool, silk, nylon and silver and my plan is to mix it with a lace yarn in a matching color and knit it Camomille wise.
It's almost Halloween and pumpkins sales for 3 for 10$
and I also tested the local this case coffea...