Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teal lace scarf

Something´s soaking in my new zink under inspektion of the all mighty
WOW it´s a new scarf!
The lace pattern was easy to knit from an incorrect chart and the shading of the yarn makes this scarf beautiful. The only problem is that scarfdays should be over by now...OK I whore it last night!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

La Drougerie

I had a couple of hours between train and plain on my way home in Paris so I walked to Les Halles and Rue de jour that´s close. La Drougerie is a famous yarn, pearls and embellishment store in Paris. They have a second location at Au bon Marche that also sells other brands of yarns like Rowan. Photo from outside with th "no photo sign" in th center. They sell yarns in hanks in different fibercontents as cotton, wool, cashmere and mohair, you can see some of it in the picture
What is so fantasitiqe about this store is the way they knit rather simply garments and embellish them so fantastic in a rather simple way!
They have also "kits" for jewellery and it works this way:
You see something you like in one of their books and you tell the sales lady ( and there´s plenty of them) and instead of taking down a kit from a shelf she startes putting it together by picking pearls and whatever else from the jars on the shelfs.
Then you go to the "man in the booth" and pay for it. I always get a biblical feeling about him like he is there to decide over the dead and the living but he seams to be a nice man.
Even if you dont buy anything this is a store to druil over!
Just around the corner there´s a ribbon store, a famous japanese brand that is not called Macluba ( that´s an arabian dish) but something simular

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bathroom update

The guy who is going to install the toilett, zink and shower is coming tomorrow morning so it´s almost done now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New scarf

I had 200 grams of a beautiful variagated teal wool yarn from Helylle. I was supposted to knit a scarf with buttonholes in it and then felt it. After trying 3 times and not liking it I decided that that scarf and me was not gonna happen!
So when leaving for Reims I decided to knit the scarf from last Knitty but after a while I decided that I wanted that scarf but not in that yarn, so now the scarf is almost knitted in another very easy lacepattern from a french knitting magazine.
For this pattern I have a red sock yarn from PR weekend in Kiel.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

More snoop shopping in Reims

I saw a lot of layered skirts. This one is not layered but I liked it!
and I bought 4 t-shirts

Snoop shopping in Reims

It´s cute, It´s 75 euro, It´s for kids, It´s Kenzo, It can be easily adapted...
and I have a yarn to do it in...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mikaela´s scarf

This scarf was hanging next to Mikaela´s jacket at the stable today. Cute!

Advent calender

In Sweden we are obsessed with advent calenders! If you unfamiliar with it it´s about open a windowbox on a piece of paper and find a picture behind. We have calenders on TV. Rather short episods made for children, could be X-masy but don´t have to. After each episode, you open the windowbox and find a picture of someting that occured in the episode. There´s always a debate on how good this years calender is and is it better than "teskedsgumman" the teaspoonlady, It´s a book about a lady who shrunk to the size of a teaspoon when she got stressed. I think this was the calender of 1968 or something.
Today you can buy calenders with chocolate ( they usually contains some nuts without it beeing said so, so there´s always some allergic kid that has to go to the ER.) Every newspaper has one as do every team of soccer, hockey, tennis, ski and you name ... and you can win very nice prices becource there´s a number in each windowbox. Lately every parent ( who want to be a good parent ) have to make one for there kid that contain small gifts like rubber, pen and other small items, you can even buy these small rubbish in packs of 24.
Why am I writing about this in mars?
My friend Anna found this knitted scarf advent calender at a swedish yarnsite and it was publishes daily during december, Anna knitted the entire scarf. I had 100 g of a single ply wool and started going on as long as the yarn lasted. It lasted half way through dec 15...
I have som nice pics of it while blocking but blogger is not cooperative tonight so that will be a later post

Rhiannons cardigan

Rhiannon´s cardigan is ready and with Rhiannon.
I feel like I start a lot of project and sometimes I finish some of them.
I decided that I can start as many as I like as long as I don´t buy yarn or fabric.
Currently I´m working on my blue hoodie ( maybee 5 inches left on the second arm), my spede ( I´m actually bringing that with me to France) I started and finished an advent calender scarf, the yarn lasted to the 15th. I might block that one today.
I also started to produce wristlets or cuffs ( muddar ) from single balls of alpacka and sockyarn.
I also decided that I should try to locate my two-ball mohair sweater that I knitted like 8 rows on before putting it away.
Today I´m gonna volonter at a local horse jumping event so knittingtime will be limited and tomorrow someone is coming to move the drain ( ??) in my soon to be beautiful bathroom!
A lot of dust! ( as if someone should notice a difference...)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Embroidery workshop/café

At Helylle in Kristianstad, Eva has started embroidery workshops on sundays, it´s 4 sundays during spring and this was the second. For 3 hours we sewed, talked, drank coffe and ate candy.
My parents live outside Kristianstad and we had salubrated my brothers birthday on saturday so I spent time here before going home.
This shop is so nice, a lot of nice yarn, house designs with kits, a lot of things to show.
I was sewing on my wool embroidery from Scania ( Skånskt yllebroderi) We have a trdition here in sweden that we have typical embroidery in different areas of the country. I grew up in Blekinge and they do oriental flowers and birds inspired from imported china in pastels in cotton and linen on linen fabric. Skåne where I live now have these folkart patterns made in wool. These two tecniques are actually the same, when you make satin stitches you do it in a way that you don´t fill the back of the fabric. A way to save thread!
There are other samples of these local traditions and I will take some pictures to show you later. Actually if you are familiar with these traditional patterns you can find some of them at IKEA. Katarina Brieditis who has made a lot of stuff for IKEA ( as well as other ) are very inspired by old swedish craft traditions