Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Onion jacket again

Last night I basically finished the body with the hood, still need to add the zipper and some handstitching and finding the right trim. I had some difficulties thinking up how to proceed with the hood but I ended up sewing the outer layer on mashine and attaching the inner layer by hand, looked like this

The grey is the lining and the burgundy is for the inside of the hood and facings. It was nice sewing the bouclé but I lost some needles in it and I was glad that I used 2 cm seam allowances! I attached the chain to. I had a golden chain since a long time ago that I used, but the zipper is going to be brass, I´ve decided not to think too much about this. So far I´m pleased with the result and I´m glad I shoosed this tecnique instead of underlaying and do it the usual way and so far I´m very pleased with the pattern. It will probably not look like a regular Chanel jacket but everyone know I can´t afford that either... I think I´ll like this better!

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