Saturday, January 30, 2010

Latvian (fingerless) mittens

I borrowed Veronik Avery´s "Knitting classic style" from the library and fell in love...
There are a lot of nice things in this book and my first project is the fingerless mittens that I make into full mittens. It´s strange going through the pictures becourse I think it´s the first time I´m knitting something from a book in the "correct" colors.
I have a huge stash of basic 2 stranded wool in a lot of colors and the cuff here does not take many yards...
The body of the mitten will be very warm due to the stranded tread on the back and the colors are suprisingly strong and beautiful. I´m not much of a fair isle knitter but this is fun. I already ordered one mor book from the library on russian mittens. We have a swedish tradition on knitting mittens to and I have very nice patterns from the island of Gotland that I might bring out.
I´m graduating from school on wednesday this week and are going on vacation thursday friday and I´m going to spend both days in Copenhagen, doing some shopping, and visit an exebition at the castle there danish designers show work influensed by Queen Margerete´s clothes. The photo of the webpage looks very promising take a look here There´s a link at the end of the page to the photos.
At this museum that is at the royal castle there´s an entrance fee of 60 dkr and also an additional fee of 20 dcr if you want to take pictures... I never seen this before.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Citron is soaking

The color is not very citrusy but the yarn is a wunderful danish mohair merino blend

Sunday, January 17, 2010



My tam

that once looked like this after blocking disaster
and my beautiful Marywarmers that matches the tam

and yesterday I started on a Citron ( like everybody else....)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I came across an article in a danish magazine about these two women; mother and dauther that collect and sell vintage dresses and accessoires. They have a homepage Go there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strawberry mousse

Time for some underwear again. The color is really more pink than these picture will show

I used 2 patterns for the bra; Danglez 4 for the cups and Danglez 7 for the band. The lace trim on the band is inspired from a couple of RTW that I have

and I continues to play with the lace on the panties that I used an Ottobre pattern for. Lingeriefabric and lace is really easy and fun to play with. You just sew it on using a narrow zig zag and cut of the fabric after.

I like contrast so I decided to use burgundy bows to finish it off

Trouble with blocking

I knitted a tam in red sockyarn that I bought at PR weekend Kiel and it should be blocked using a plate. I thought I needed a little bigger plate than recommended and put it on a glass so it should dry easier.........
I had to mend two holes befor wearing it!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What´s up for 2010?

New year New start.
My plans for this year is:

Denim sewing and distressing
Basic and not so basic shirts
Make myself nice summer work clothes
Going to Copenhaguen for more knittingcafée knitting
Finishing a few knitting projects
Chanel 2.55 sewing