Sunday, October 28, 2007

Onion 3015

When I was a child I used to read the book of Petter and Lotta who were two kids living with aunt Brown, Aunt Green and Aunt Lilac/ purple. There were also a Mr Blue. This year I start to feel like I´m miss purple. This is the latest addition:It´s onion 3015 and the fabric is bought in Kiel at PR weekend this year and it´s a cordroi that has appliquées in lace and some embroidery. It´s a fun fabric that maybee will last a few washes but that´s OK with me becourse I think that it´s also a fabric that I will be bored of rather soon.
Here´s a closeup with the green cordroi that I will turn into a jacket one day or another

Saturday, October 27, 2007

String of pearls

The little island in the middle is from Panduro´s outlet and the seedbeads are from Stof and Stil and it didn´t take long to transform them into this:
Colors are a little bit too green.

Lucky day at fleamarkets

I went to my favourite fleamarket Erikshjälpen today and found this coat for 55 crowns, ( maybee 6 dollars ) The coat is long and the belt is missing. I have to replace the shoulder pads and don´t let size 10 fool you. Now I understand how people can wear size 0...
The coat is not lined and I´m thinking of shortening it into a jacket and sew a belt from the extra fabric. Anyway it´snot warm enought to wear now.

Then I found this jacket for 45 crowns. I need a jacket to wear to the gym. I took my old jacket to wear at the stable so this one will work fine. I have to sew in new buttons for the pockets. It´seasy cared for just washer and dryer.
When I found these, hardly used. It´s Vagabond I´m not sure how international that brand is. Nice and wide, 27 crowns
When I went to Myrorna ( salvation army ) Their prices are much higher but I found these shoes for 100 crowns. It´s Sköna Marie, a brand I have many shoes from, They are usually very boring and you can see at once that they are SM. But these where different, 100 crowns, need to buy a sole for them.
I think they will look good with pants as well as skirts.

And a woman can´t have too many shoes and I threw some that where outworn some weeks ago!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ethel´s coat

I bought this nice coat at goodwill. I think Ethel spent her last days at an elderly home and that her arms where shorter than mine... There are some extra fabric in the cuffs that can be used
I also need to move a button to where it used to be and resew the buttonholes. Then I have a nice warm winter coat. Looks great with my boots but I might want to make a scarf or buy one for it.

New color

It was a remnant, it was cheap, I never whore that color and it was some brown on it så with a nice tan and a brown top I think this will work for summer

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Me and Charlie

I took a long walk today and went to an area called The West Harbour here in Malmö. A lot of people were strolling, having coffea like I did.I also visited my favourite shoe store; Ilse Jacobsen and when I went to onother store and looked at nice clothes from Kenzo, Mansted and found some fun jewellery from Me and Charlie fun combos of cloth, swarowskies and pearls.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Go to Magknits and look at the cool socks and the beatiful blanket that could be adopted to a sweather...


One more pattern from Onion and a fabric bought at PR weekend in Kiel
The embelishment is from Stoff and Stil and is only on the front pieces. Hems and hook and eye closure still has to be copleted

Yoke jacket

I love Onion patterns. This one reminded me of an Odd Molly jacket from last year but better!!. I used a burgundy - black some kind of velveteen of unknown fibercontent bought last week from the remnant bolts of a shop here in Malmö.
It´was easy to sew. Look at the cute pockets! and I just love the "popeye" arms

and I´m really sorry about the bad pictures!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Spede again

I´ve been writing about spede sweaters before and of course mine isn´t finished yet. I havn´t knitted mine. It´s a combination of doredo and spede. Anyway Inger Ohlsson who has been doing a lot of work on spede sweaters for example she has done a kit on how to knit your own and teach classes on how to decorate them has launched her own website. Klick here and the link will take you there. Look around and be inspired!

Somewhere in Kiel and Hamburg