Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grey dress Onion melange

The dress is finished, only missing my label
 Here´s a close up on front detail and sleeve and you can also see how beautiful the fabric is. I already feel that this is a dress I will wear a lot
 I got the sewing bee book today and the other book I bought a couple of months ago. What I don´t like about these books is that you have to tape a lot of papers together pdf patterns are not a favourite of mine...the sewingbee gives you the option of enlarge with help from a grid,... like even less... There´s one pattern for a sleeveless tunic thats fullscale in the sewing bee book and the sizes are 8- 16 the other book is interesting becourse you make the pattern with your own measurement
I thnk the sewingbee book reflects the joy I find watching the show, there are step by step instructions for a lot of clothes and home dec. including Tillys blouse ( finished edition) and my favourite; Stuarts dress ( love that fabric!)

I also finished the hem on Paco´s half circle skirt..... I fused it.... It´s a knit and that´s how I prefer to hem those items....and I´m not a skilled sewer then it comes to knits.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Onion 7063

I decided I wanted to sew a dress for SFO and looked through some options
Onion 5040 I´ve done it before but I´m not sure I blogged about it, I used a crinkly cotton-po light blue fabric and never really liked the sleeves, but I like the boho style of the body. I started with covering the lower part of the sleeve with my thumb and it looked so much better

Then it was this dress that I made the other year and then I thought about using the sleeves, the short puffy ones and that´s what I did. There was  a minor difference in size

I used a rayon from Stof och Stil and rayon lining. I decided to go with the rayon instead of the cotton voile becource this fabric is heavy and will work all year around exept for a hot summer day and I just have to make myself  another dress where cotton voile is a better choice, I might even do the 2023 with a simular fabric as the first flowery dress that I loved to wear...
It lookes like my visions for a sewing room are coming closer. A couple of months ago I wrote to the board of my appartment building and asked if they had any rooms in the basement that I could rent and yesterday I got a call that there´s a big room free from may 1:st : We don´t know yet if there are any outlets and the best part is that it´s a big room and its in my building

Ok now I have to set in the sleeves.....

Saturday, April 13, 2013


When I was in Edinburgh I met Deb from My happy sewing place ,she talked about The Great British Sewing Bee so I´ve been waiting and thinking about how I would be able to watch it and I was really happy when I found out that they are on youtube and since I´ve been very tecnial advanced these days and got myself a HDMI kabel I can watch it on my TV and it´s so much better...
This is the thirst episode, there are 4 in total, 2 is still to come. The best thing about this show is that it actually show how to sew and the judges give very constructive critiqe on that. Nothing like Project runways sarcastic approach.
Ann and Tilly I´m familiar with before there are six more contestants and they have managed to find a croud with very different backgrounds and I love that becourse it showes that sewing is for everybody. I loved when one of the guys said that his wife also had a mashine and they sew in front of the TV  together. That´s my kind of boyfriend!!
There´s a book too and of course I´ve already ordered it!

Counting days to SFO...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

PR weekend Europe Barcelona 2012

What do you do on a PR weekend besides shopping for fabric...)Well according to my pictures we ate lot, and had coffea...
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Paco Peralta top and skirt

Two weeks from now I´ll be in San Fransisco, doing sightseeing and attending the PR weekend and shopping of course...
I will probably be the person with most RTW but I figured out that it was time for me to finish my Paco Peralta skirt and then I realised that I never blogged about the matching top that I´ve used a lot and I didn´t even blog about The PR weekend we had in Barcelona...
Here is a picture of Vibeke, Paco, me (and a sample of my postcancer curly hair ) Maria ( Mariadenmark )and Åsa. The picture is taken by a friend of Paco´s ; Cristina who joined us, and stolen from Paco´s FB page.

Paco gave us patterns for the draped top and the semicircle skirt and I did the top shortly after but the skirt was left behind. I´ve used the top a lot this winter and it´s so smart with the insertion of the draped part. I used a knit so I did straight grain. The top is elegant, dressed and easy to wear and sew!

The semicircled skirt is not just a half circle, it´s much smarter than that! Today I decided to do an elasticised waist and the tecnique is something aI learned from Threads a long time ago and I learned from Sandra Betzina then deciding of the lenght of the elastic you should measure your waist and reduse that measurement by 4 inches. It´s important that you use your true measurement not the one you want to have or the one you´ll had at 19. I don´t know if these pictures helps you but you attach the elastic to the fabric and then turn it and it´s really very easy, much easier than doing a casing

I´ll need some help with the hem and then it´s ready!
Paco´s patterns are hand drawn in three sizes and are exeelent drafted. Paco said that you might not like his style of clothing but every patternpiece fits correctly!
The elastic is a non fold elasic that are "boned" but totally sewable, I bought it in Seattle and I think that it is easy to find in the states I think I bought it at Joann´s.
If you are interested in Pacos pattern here`s a link to his etsy shop!