Friday, May 15, 2009

Karin goes Karin blouse finished

Remember the Odd Molly Blouse:

Well I spent the morning sewing and it´s so much easier then you already made one blouse or at least almost ...even though this pattern is extremely easy to sew! I did not do the drawstring thing and that will made it a little more difficult.
This is not inspired by this is copying:

Detail of sleeve:

I´m so lucky that I have food in the fridge to re heat now

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini wardrobe sew along

I decided to join the Mini wardrobe sew along on PR. I chosed the sewalong instead of the competition becourse it´s already mid May and I´m going on a long weekend to Poland next weekend. I´m going on a spa thing to Gdansk.
The rules for the miniwardrobe is that you should pick an orphan from your closet and make a wardrobe for it. 4 thing and it should work together etc etc...
This is my orphan! It´s an Onion 1036 jacket and the reason it became an orfhan is that the color is a cross between burgundy and purple and doesn´t go with my purple nor my burgundy stuff.

My first item in the sewalong is the Karin goes Karin blouse. I bought lace becourse the first one I colored wasn´t enought and then I bought a new lace becourse I wasn´t really satisfied with the second one. This last one is colored too. I also got a striped trim for the sleeves and I´m using this Burda 2975 pattern in size 36-38 and it is still a little too big for me. Hey I could use a size 0 with this sizing!... I´m working on another blouse right now using this pattern. My plan is to iron the crinkling out of the fabric, cut it and when finished spray it with water and the crinkling will appear again and make the blouse slightly smaller. This might be an OOP pattern.

The second item is a skirt using Onion 3020 in the same fabric. My plan here is to use the smallest size and cut 10 pieces instead of 8 and put elastic in the waist
The third item is this McCall 5586 in a kind of slinky burgundy knit. I think I go with view C so I can wear a proper bra under. I might even make in longer to a tunic

The last item is this wrap pants Onion 4010 in the striped flowery fabric in viscose. I´m not making them full lenght, I´m doing what in Denmark is called "sock pants" a good explaination!

And then we came to the fabrics: from the left; pants, blouse and skirt with lace and trim for blouse and the the burgundy knit for the top

But I actually gonna finish the peasanttop I´m working on right now first and then I have to decide if the mikromacrame dress is going to be a tunic instead...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Recycle more!

Isn´t this sewingkit cute! unfortunately it´s way too small for my needs. Need to think of someone I can make it for...
I found the picture at Country livings site, that´s the american version of the magazine

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Onion dress update

Some day this dress may actually be ready to wear...

It will look something like this:

The micro makrame trim will be detachable

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Karin goes Karin

I like this blouse, it´s a really traditional blouse if it wasn´t for the band at the sleeves

I hade this purple plaid fabric in my stash, a Paris adventure, but the lace was too white

Then I remembered a tric from my quiltingdays; thedying that will last; use in swedish Kaliumpermanganat or K Mn o4. It´s a purple powder that you use a pinch of and the warmer the water the faster the coloring goes and it will be permanent

...much better!
and the other Karin is the designer of Odd Molly

Onion again

I made my second dress from the Onion 2021 pattern and this time I will probably make the A model the basic with long sleeves, but Iwill use elastic instead of sewing cuffs...

I´m also thinking of adding a trim in the neckline in teal and do a micromacrame thing and attach it with buttons in the front so it can be removed then it´s time for laundry.
My first thought was using the rust in the embroidery for the embellishing...

I will go to the GOOD store monday to see if they have something!