Friday, June 09, 2006

"spede" cardigan

A woman on my SnB group is a designer and has done a revieval on Spede tröjor. They where worn in the south of sweden among the peasant population and are a part of the national costumes here. They are very thin thightly knitted sweathers that are decorated with fabrics and embroidery etc. The name spede is a local word for sticks as in sticks used to lit the fire becourse the knitting sticks where so thin.
Anyway, I went to a galleri to look at some of her work and got inspired, so when I got home I took a turtle neck sweather that I felted in the washing machine, cut it opened and scooped the neckline and started to decorate it like a spede. On the photo I´ve put on lace and a black trim but there are much more to come. I´m also gonna make the arms narrower. More photos will be coming as the work progresses

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