Saturday, January 06, 2007

more FO

I´ve finished the top in lime and blue with the flowers. I might use this if it´s really warm and I have a nice tan.
I also finished the striped blue skirt, goes to charity
I finished the orange top from BWF with 3/4 arms and the front in 5 pieces and I love it! Going to put a review on PR for it.
The stripy bag is also done!
Now I´m working on the burgundy skirt in the linen fabric from Paris and I have the hem and some handsewing around the yoke to do.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A hard days work

The table runner turned into a Halloween table runner and one of tableclothes has been emroidered with dragonflies, the other got some strange embroidery so I will sent it to the bin.

And I also finished the buttons of my jeans jacket and did some hemming to but didn´t finish anything more

last UFO:s

Socks I guess from "knitting vintage socks" and the sweather are making progress. I still hav my coat and I still don´t know what to the with the extra-mistake-buttonhole.
And now I intend to sew!!

almost done

Probably my oldest UFO a sweather knitted in 11 shades from purple to orange, need to finish the turtleneck and some sewing

And then there´s a top that needs hemming and a beachbag that needs sewing


A bag in crochet that´s been felted need handles

A kind of fake wrap pants with elastic waist in a sari got at ugly fabric swap at PR weekend in Copenhagen

A windbreaker jacket with a lot of pockets and zippers

Home dec!!!

This is a project I started when I got my Viking no 1 + long time ago. The tea/coffea cups are supposted to turn over the squares and every one would have some written words to to with coffea or tea. When I accedently put one cup upside down...
I don´t care about that any more. I think it´s a cute tablecloth and deserves to be finished!

The two white table clothes needs to have the lace finished at a corner and then added some embroidery. I did these about 10 years ago with easter embroidery and sold them. The runner I can´t recall doing, but there are treads pulled out so I´m going to use my wing needle and hem it and add some embroidery

And quilts don´t count!

..and shirts

These are the sleeves of a very basic blouse and the red wrinkled pile is a silk blouse from the same pattern. Where is the rest of the white blouse??

...yes and there are jackets too

Here´s a jacket in a beautiful wool bouclé, bought in Rome a long time ago and made into an UFO a long time ago too. It´s a BWF pattern from 6- 7 years ago and I knitted the collar using mohair yarn and a string with sequenses in blue and pink. I also knitted cuffs but didn´t like them so when the sewing stopped, but I´m planning on adding cuffs in the fabric. I like this one and I like the blue lining

The red jeans jacket needs buttons and I have them and think it´s been that way for a year

even more...

This is a Onion jacket from a stretch twill.
Below are a BWF safari jacket with a very strange color on the photo. I need to do the pockets again and I´m not sure I´ll finish this jacket. I might do it in a brighter fabric. It´s a Lucia model from last summer I think, really cute!
The green flyfabric is a Amy Butler bag, don´t recall the name of it. It´s a upholstery remnant.

and yes! there are more!

This one I´m not sure I´ll ever wear but it only needs one seam on machine and that´s the hem of course! This is a kind of skirt I made quite often a couple of years ago, its basically a tube that are turned doubled in front to form a fake wrap and added a seperat elastic waistband. Very easy and fast. This one is lined and I´m not a blue person

Here´s a grey skirt from BWF that needs finishing the hem, pockets and a waist treatment. It has a seperating zipper that zippes from the waist. It´s very short but maybee with dark hosery. The green one is also from BWF and is decorated with Onion transfers. The skirt has wents front and back that was strange so I redrew them. Needs zipper and waist treatment and maybee some pearls on the transfers and the iron of course!

...and more

Orange very nice top from BWF that needs hemming and a neckline band and the black pile is a jeans jacket in black thai silk, it´s partly sewed

...and more skirts

A straight skirt from BWF. It goes with the trouble-sleeve-cap-jacket and after seeing an straight skirt from Onion being embellished with onion transfers I used my embroidery unit to create this, needs zipper, lining, hemming and waist treatment. ( have I written that before??)

This is really a beatiful skirt. It´s 10 gores and a rounded waist facing ( not the proper word) and it´s made in a linen bought in Paris two years ago it has red weft and green warp or the other way around and yes it needs zipper, waist treatment and hem.

...and more

Wow, now it takes two!
This is a skier that needs a hem, but I´m going to make a new skirt out of it and remove the elastic waist. The fabric is bought at Anna-Modeller that is a wellknown swedish manufacture. and it looks like it´s heavy from a distance but it´s really lightweight and nice to your skin. The original plan was to add borders of passmantier bands at the hem . I´m not sure what they are called in english.

And this is a dark blue A-line BWF skirt that I´ve made a lot of times, this one has a nice pocket and I thought it was ready, needs hemming, zipper, lining and waist treatment.
And an iron!!

...and more

Blogger noes not want me to upload, but finally he ( or is it a she? ) took 1 picture.

This is a couple of pants in a very fluent kind of black fabric. I had no idea I ever cut these out. Think I´ll like these!

More UFO

This is a jacket from BWF. I had great difficulties with the sleevecaps and it showes. I re sewed it several times and I´m gonna start with some pressing here to see if it´s worth the time and effort to finish it. I spent a lot of work on this one, I followed the tecniques from Marcy Tiltons article in Threads on how Armani makes his jackets. I once had cute buttons for it, but I can´t find them now. There are also a skirt in this fabric coming up later

Here´s a cute bag that needs lining and handles, found it on the net somewhere and copied it and there´s a raglan top, an onion pattern, needs hemming and a stitchline around the neck

This is what I gave away (and kept) some years ago, shoppingbags with shoppinglistembroidery on them, I still have two that´s not finished.

And here´s a cut skirt in black linen from an OOP pattern. It´s the second time around for this skirt. It´s really cute!