Thursday, August 03, 2006

Safarijacket BWF 4/2006 # 124

In April´s Burda there where a collection in The PLUS range from Lucia and I liked both the jackets but wanted to start off with tha safari jacket
I liked the cut of this jacket so much and I had a suitable fabric in my stash so let´s go...
ooops! not enough fabric, lacking 20 cm ( 8 inches ) from wat it says in the magazine and you can see from the photo that there are not much left, and there´s a spot on that part too!

I thought over my options, less pockets? no but reminding me of a tip in treads saying using single layer layout I drew patterns of the pocket flaps and cuffs and placed them on the remaining piece of fabric avoiding the spot! and if I used the lining fabric for the pockets there are enought fabric!!

After marking the pockets I decided that I wanted the other side out so I removed the markings using fabric spot remover and a toothbrush and now some pieces are hanging in my shower drying. Then I´ll have to remark them
The story continues...

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