Sunday, September 16, 2007

Redo cardigan

I have a friend who bring me sweathers from time to time. She knows that I like to felt and sometimes the finished items find a way back to her. This cardigan was knitted by her mother probably around 1970-1980
The wool is very nice maybe a little bit too pale for my taste but I´m thinking of over dying it.
and of course I got help from a friend...

Jacket update

Sunday, September 02, 2007

UFO jacket

This project has been down for a loooong time but I want to wear it for PR europe so I decided to make an effort. I quit sewing becourse the sleeves didn´t turn out good. It´s onion 1012 and made like a chanel jacket. Now I made new sleeves and are currently sewing trim to the front and hood
with a little help, I´m using the left trim, it´s home dec but matches the fabric in the hood, it´s a quilted fabric bought from the nice lady in Holbeck on PR Copenhagen and the bouclé is from Paris
Detail of the fabric, it´s wool with viscose

Nice fabric at Stof and Stil

I usually don´t say nice things about the fabrics at stof och stil but this is a wool- viscose bouclé in a deep red, picture is no good! comes in offwhite, chocolate brown and some othe colors too. I will soon make myself a jacket from it.
Nice price too 159 crowns/ meter