Monday, May 24, 2010

Twinkle sews

I´m crazy about the clothes in this book I can even live with that the patterns are on a CD and need to be put together before being cut out

Yesterday I went to Stof and Stil and bought these fabrics for one project from the book, the front piece is actually more purple than this photo showes

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Books and Paris

Let´s talk books first.
I bought some nice knittingbooks. Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery, I´m not sure if I should pronounse it in french or english, either way her designs are great, a lot of different things to knit and there are one or two that I actually not want to knit.
Twinkle sews is a great book too, I borrowed it from the library to be bought later. It´s 25 patterns for skirts, blouses and dresses in hot, fun, funky looks and I love most of them, actually I love all of them but some dresses are not for me...
The best thing is that there´s a cd with the book with all the patterns in size 0, 4, 8, 12 and 16 and that´s her sizing, I compared with a Ottobre and 16 is a smallish 46.
So you print out the pattern, glue it together, cut and sew.
I so like the consept of including the full size patterns like this ( Of course I copied them to my computer...)
Then let´s talk Paris. PR weekend last year was short for me so I´m going on friday for three nights, I was planning Versaille, lot of walks etc ( Yes! fabricshopping ) and since my broken toe is almost fit for fight again things where looking good until I accidentally put my other pinkietoe under the horse foot two days ago. Well it´s better today and Paris has subway and a lot of nice parks so enjoy knitting and reading.
One thing that I´m going to do is visiting Petite Palais. There´s an YSL exibition there. He was my fashion icon growing up and still is...and they are showing clothes from his different collection and as I understood it a second part of the exibit is clothes of Catherine Deneuve who always was sitting in the front row on his shows and I think was a personal friend of his.
If you envy´s OK

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jazz, le grande finale!

Even if I knit a lot I don´t have that many sweathers and cardigans but now I have one more. I sewed the ties on today

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I almost finished my Jazz cardigan. I had to reknit the sleevecuffs, they where way to big! Instead of the 38 stitches I did 20 and now I´m sewing, I hope to finish it by tomorrow, have to knit some I-cord for ties.
Jazz is soaking in the cats waterbowl...or was it the other way around...
I´m always amazed what soaking and in some cases blocking does to a knit!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Here we SWAP again!

Patternreview is having a SWAP contest and of course I have to join! I´m good at joining! Last time; the mini wardrobe I actually finished the pants, a Burda drawstringpants from 2004 that looks like the Marakesch (marocko ) pants from Hot Pattern. Since I trust Burda for pants ( raise the waist 1 inch mid back ) I used this pattern again and I absolutely hate the color!!!
Anyway this swap is a new page and you should make 4 tops, 4 bottoms, 1 topper and 1 free of choise. All tops must go with all bottoms and the topper etc etc. This time my plan was to make denim jeans and a denim skirt that I should try to distress, then I´ll add a petticoat, not to cupcake like and a drawstring pant, the one as above in an off white color, maybee mid calf lenght.
For the tops I will make tunic dresses in different fabrics a little mix and match, including some embroidery etc ( read Odd Molly ) and going through my stash I will have to buy a lot of fabrics for this. I´m going to Paris last weekend of May so that´s something to look for
The topper will be a shrug from Onion and the optional garment the cardiwrap "everyone" is doing these days.
Contest starts June first and last until end of August. 10 garments in three months. I can do that! maybee

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Please summer please come!

My balcony was not the cosiest place after this winter, everything but an Ivy had died.

The floor had to be done and plants needed to be bought and planted

Still not finished but improving

This vase is Mine

I´m trying to be more domestic and since I love to have plants and flowers in my appartment but was lacking vases I bought this one. "Mine" started out with plates and glasses that I never liked, to thick, but the bowls and this one I like.

The designer is Ulrika Hydman-Vallien, who is more famous for her tulips painted on glass. If you payed attension when watching "Friends" Monica had one in her livingroom. Mine usually contains tulips; my favourite flower!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Madli´s shawl

Madli´s shawl is blocked and finished

I really like these estonian lace shawls, but the tradition say that you knit the borders seperately and sew them on using kitheners stitch. Things like that has a tendancy to not be finished in my home so I pick up stitches and turn the chart upside down instead.
The shawls originate from Haapsalu in Estonia and was like Bohus knitting invented and knitted to provide an income. Haapsalu was a famous spa resort for the rich and famous southwest of Tallin. It´s also where I´m going on my summer vacation! ( After Paris last weekend of may...)
Then I might pack the "Triangulas summer shawl" that I´m working on the border right now. Beautiful lily of the valley pattern in white