Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Left over yarns

House of Dagmar is a swedish clothingcompany. I saw this sweather in a magazine and did not realise that it was so short, but I did not intend to buy it anyway I just thought it was a good inspiration for leftover yarns

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sew along

I love to join a lot of things like sewalongs!
I joined a bra-panty sew along there I will save the bras for later and start with making panties. I recently bought a couple of "Sloggi" panties and they are so great!!!!I+ve forgotten how great they are. I think Sloggi is a scandinavian thing and at half price it´s OK to buy some. I also bought 2 bras at the supermarket to wear during the healing period, 10 euro fot two, really dull boring stuff. I´m supposted to wear a bra over the comfort bra that I´ll be wearing 24/7.
PR has a yearly one garment a month sew along and I+ll have my own verion of that that include finishing items and update the fit in different ways. I´m starting with a bolero top that´s to big over the chest and that I just bought.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Whatever happened to 2010?

When I wrote in January last year about my ambitions for this year I wrote:
Denim sewing and distressing
Basic and not so basic shirts
Make myself nice summer work clothes
Going to Copenhaguen for more knittingcafée knitting
Finishing a few knitting projects
Chanel 2.55 sewing
And the results are:
Lingerie, yes I did a lot of that!
Denim sewing and distressing, Yes I sewed a lot of denim and liked it but the distressing part did not go so well
Basic and noy so basic shirts, made one
Nice summer work clothes, I bought some but I made one nice dress
Going to Copenhagen for knittingcafées. Yes I did and made som new friends
Finishing a few knitting project. Yes I did, I finished I frogged and I threw
Chanel 2.55 sewing Yes!!!!

Goals for 2011:
Denim goes on

My real goal for 2011 is getting well from the breastcancer that I was diagnosed with the day before New Years Eve and operated for two days ago. The operation included a breast reduction so FBA will be a thing of the past...