Sunday, May 29, 2011

GI Jane ready for action

I really love this dress I think it´s a good transitional dress and that suites the weather here now...

And there´s some details of the pockets and sleeves

I haven´t been doing this kind of sewing for a long time so it was fun to know that I still has the skills
Right now I´m refashioning my Onion goes Chanel jacket by taking of the hood and changing the trim to a more stand out way and using the fabric from the hood to add pockets, a lot of hand sewing but portable. I also bought fabric for a new jacket ( why use your stash??....) and are doing a lot of knitting.

Oh! I entered the dress in the PR knock off competition and there are some really nice prices so please vote for me....or for someone else of the nice items....

Friday, May 20, 2011


Every museeum has to have a shop and so did Möllegården.
I found this very nice dress made by Livstycket
I known about livstycket for a long time and am really impressed with the work they do. I linked to the english site. Please take some time and read about them!

This is a close up on the screen printed panel:

Is it dutch Sigrid?
At least I know it´s linen and that I´ll be proud wearing it!


Möllegården is located just outside of Malmö and are dedicated to folk costumes and you can buy material for making your own or maybee buy one.
Here you can se different aprons from different part of Skåne ( the county down south in Sweden )

Even if I am interested in this kind of sewing it was not what made me go there.
Í saw in the paper that the swedish tailor organisation was having an exibition there and these clothes are from it. really some neat details, I love the dress and chanel jacket in coordinating fabric!
The last picture is theatre costumes from The merry widow from our local theatre when Ingmar Bergman worked there.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

GI Jane or Where have all the flowers gone?

The 19 buttondress are in progress and I´m adapting a Burda shirt dress with mixed results, my main problem right now is that I can´t "shoot from the hip" It´s to tight there and it should not be according to measurement and I don´t have the energy to find out how it happened. I just know how I will deal with it.
I will also rip the seam on the right pocket flap that I´m not content with

I added some glamour on the left side with a batch and have one more for the sleeve that I´m currently working on.

And here´s where the flower went

There´s alot of stitching and since I´m making flat felled seams a little more to consider and a lot more timeconsuming but fun and I like the result. I bought 3 meters of fabric at first but had to go back for a little more and came home with another additional fabric that I will have to wash before I can finish the dress

This is a picture from the other day when I took a walk to alocal market for groceries. Feel the smell?

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Na Craga

I wanted a classic Aran for ages and bought this yarn called Navia at the sale, it´s mixture of faroese, shetlandic and australian lambs wool. A nice 3 ply that knits nicely on needles 4,5.
I borrowed Alice Starmore´s book at the library and will soon add it to my own library. I fell in love with this model instantly and even though this yarn is thicker than my usual preferences I like knitting with it. I payed 200 dkr for 20 balls. a very good price!