Thursday, January 31, 2008

Champagne for easter

I ´m going to Reims 3 nights this easter. Airplane to Paris and then train from Gare DÉst. Going to walk, knit and read at cafées, drink some champagne ( at least try if they taste better without transportation ) I might eat some cakes, pink cookies, chocolate and enjoy myself. I don´t intend to shop but ......

Cardigan for Rhiannon

When I saw that Rhiannon had arrived I decided to make this classic swedish vintage cardigan. It´s from a book that was published 1950. The book was written by a committee from the governement. At that time 97% of all childrens clothes where homemade and the purpuse of this book and the work of the committee was to simplify this task This cardigan is knitted from front to front in short row technique to shape the yoke
and cuff
I think it´s cute and it will grow with the child to. I knit in cotton, I think that´s a good choise for babies
The faitful companion...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I love Pilgrim jewellery, especially the old one´s with lot of crystals and "bling bling". This necklace and bracelet ( lower) are part of a set with earrings I bought at Illum in Copenhagen for 100 danish crowns, that would be cheap only for the earrings! But unfortunately things broke. The pic is blurry but the hanging flower from the necklace ( upper) is missing a petal so I took the flower from the bracelet Then I removed one more petal from it and glued it to the flower to the right of the girl ( no! it´s not me and it´s not my granny! ) and pronto. I have an even more blurrier picture of the finished items!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stash reduction knitting

Since I´m not allowed to buy any yarn I use what I have. I got some purple mohair from Drops/Garnstudio. I bought 3 balls from a basket at Summerfugeln probably last summer. I started to crochet a collar from I think "Scarfstyle" but didn´t really like it becourse the yarn didn´t let the pattern show off. This means I´m frogging mohair at he same time as I´m knitting! I´ve done better things... Anyway, I saw a nice scarf in a magazine called "Lantliv" Country Living and it was a wide grey straight knitted and then the fringes used a lot of different trimmings in silk and velvet as well as some yarn, so I thought I could use all my purple trims for this project....Hmm...It seams ´like I´m lacking for some reasons purple trims. anyway I frog and finish knitting it and when we´ll see...
This is a yarn I bought for making a Shetlandic lace scarf but the yarn that is Kauni does not show off the lace so I ripped it!
Then I started on onother lacescarf from Meg Swanson´s lace book and same thing here, so I ripped it! and now I´m making basically that scarf but whit only the scalloped edge and it´s a nice thing to knit becourse you can talk at the same time and I like it a lot! Some day in the future I will make myself a lace scarf, but not in this yarn

Sunday, January 06, 2008

UFO on the way

OK let´s take some buttons add it on the sleeves
and then some beads
work under progress
not the best place to sleep but at least he´s not messing around

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

PR Kiel jacket UFO

This is my UFO jacket. I made a collar instead of the hood ( surprise since I´m a hoddie girl ) I will have yo finish tha back seam of the collar
(I mean that I will have to finish the back seam of the collar, that sounds like a rapper )
and add some bias tape to the seam that attaches the wide band and collar piece and some more embellishment. I stopped sewing when Stoff and stil was out of the correct color of velvet trim. I´m thinking of adding a cluster of buttons and beads to the arms, and remove tha cat´s hair...