Friday, July 19, 2013

Right side Burda July mod 136 ( or so I think...)

 I used my very nice Liberty print, quite busy and with a little stretch in it. A true summer dress! Had a little messup...sewed the gatherings  towards the right side of dress so I made som bias binding and covered the mistake that really is a design detail now. I also used bias binding for the neckline and sleeve caps, tiny ones. The fabric is from Shaukat and I´m so glad I´ll probably will be going back to London in october...
 detail of the mistake/ designer detail, the fabric is almost identical on both sides and not my usual choise
I also knitted and blocked a variation of Haruni in a matching color. The yarn is "Gotländsk pälsull" a domestic yarn, bought two shades of blue this one is called denim and the other one is more navy, very navy!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bubbelless bubbeldress

I challenged myself to making one nice dress for my birthday and one for christmas, My birthday was a couple of days ago but I´m going out with a friend to salubrate tonight so in my world I made it!
 The fabric is an eyelet cotton and a cotton voile for underlining, both from Stone Mountain in Berkely. I used the voile for the interfacing to get minimum bulk. The eyelet is a little uneven blue at some parts but I think it´s becource I left it in the laundry mashine and one of my neigbours foung it when it was there turn so it dried all mashed up and was kind of wrinkly when I found it. The entire dress feels like it has structure and I really like it. I used the same pattern as this one but did some modification and I like the finished dress very much.
 I´ve started to use blue clothes again and this will be a summer favourite this year.
Summer has finally arrived here and the cat likes the balcony a lot

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Think outside the box!

This dress is from for me the latest Burda, it´s in the plus section and I´m wild about it!!
I´ve seen som opinions about it on the net how ridicoulous it looks etc. In the magazine the dress is made in a sequened fabric and there is a optional top too, cut where the lower gathering is on the left side.  I have to agree of the opinions BUT look at the sides and think of them with the same design on the other side and there are two really nice dresses and it´s easy to make a straight skirt on the left side too for a third variation. I´ve made a muslin today of twice the left side and I´m planning to use one of my nice libertyprints for it!
The dress is so nicely shaped, unfortunately I have to go to work so I have to wait until tomorrow to cut it!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Lace addiction

I like everything about lace shawls, I love shopping for yarn, knitting, wearing, giving them away and I actually love to watch how they transform during blocking. I always bring a lace knit when I´m travelling since it´s lightweight and last a long time. This shawl is called "Lotus" and is knitted in a yarn I bought in Edinburgh and I knitted on it in San Fransisco. It´s dyed by a local dyer and that´s how I prefer to shop. I have two more shawls to block, one of them was finished yesterday and I already has a new one on the needles; a variation on a Haruni only using the last border.

The great thing about these shawls are that you can wear them two ways; over your shoulder for a light warmth or around the neck as a scarf. So you really need one in each color...

Monday, July 01, 2013

Lemon juice, Ottobre spring/summer 2013

I guess it´s not totally clear why this top is called Lemon Juice? It was yellow in the magazine...
I really wanted to do it in a very nice vintage blue rayon but wanted to try it out before in another fabric, this fabric is from the remnant table at Stof and Stil and has borders in both edges, I used them for cutting the sleeves.
I really love this top, it lookes weird on the hanger but when you wear it there are a nice assymetric cut to it due to one side seam is flat and the other a kind of waterfall.

Close upp on neckline. I was planning to use my serger but didn´t find the cord...It´s so much easier to get the neckline even cutting it with a serger

 A pic from the cut out, you can se the borders on both side of the fabric here, it´s on fold on the right angle and on the left angle is the hem
 I used framilon/ clear elastic for the ruching, ruching is onother reason why I would have prefered to use a serger, it gets a little uneven
 I´m wearing this top today with a black jersey skirt from one of our chain stores in Sweden; Lindex, think a little more mature than H&M and they have a plus section that might not be brilliant but much better than H&M, but let´s face it; everything is ...
The reason for showing this pic is that it´s quite simple and brilliant in the constructon. The entire skirt is double at the hem, has one seam in the back and is turned with an elastic attached at the wrong side, you can see how the outer layer of fabric rolls over the upper edge and then the elastic is stitched through both layer to hold it in place, NO HEM! talk about fast project...and adaptable to other knits!