Thursday, August 30, 2007


Green sock from VK, teal sock free pattern from Wendy Johnsson ( Wendy knits

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stajl by Malmö

Stajl is local spelling of Style and this yearly event is for aspiring designers to show their work and maybe sell some. I saw really beatiful jewellery, but I think that most of he clothes show really poor workmanship, sad!
I liked the little girls dresses made from old tableclothes ( look at last picture ).
There where apart from the stands music and fashionshows and S:t Knuts torg ( square ) is a nice place to be, especially on a sunday!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knitting socks

I´m knitting socks in the most expensive yarn I ever bought. Why? It´s socks and you put them on your feet and in shoes! The picture shows the first attemt with Lorna´s lace Envy. OK but if I payed 200 crowns for the yarn they need to be more than OK so I frogged it! Now I´m working on a pattern called Sheri´s lace from Sockbug ( links to the right!) but doing the toe up from the Branched Fern pattern (that´s the pattern on the photo) What makes this pattern so great is that it´s done like a ordinary heel but from the other end and this way my feet will get into the sock, I consider that´s an advantage. Where will be photos coming but I will not spend this amount on socks any more!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yarn by mail

Envy by Lorna´s, teal yarn; Opal, the dark oliv is kauni lace and I´ve started knitting a Shetlandic lace shawl from it. The stripe sock is a new attempt for toe to top knitting. I have high vaults and my last attemt wouldn´t fit my foot. This time I´m using onother heel that looks like an "ordinary" heel.
The yarns are from


A shot from the magazine
my inspirational knitting, that is too short but I´m going to add a croched border. Don´t know which one yet
Detail of the picot edging, note that every other picot is a loop for the buttons
that are vintage and bought a long time ago and saved for a special project

Friday, August 10, 2007

Collar snoopshopping

I subscribe to Lantliv that is a swedish version on Country Living an I got the new magazine today and in the clothes section they showed a collar from Nygårdsanna ( New collection, not on the web yet ) It was a giant collar knitted in seed stitches and some buttons in front. Imagine a bohustype of sweather and knit only the yoke and wear it instead of a scarf . I can se this done in lace too...and I have a perfect yarn to use for my first one...
I can start as many project I want as long as I don´t buy more yarn, and sockyarn does not count ( I bought my first Lorna´s yesterday, ordered from and got it the day after payment even when I forgot to add for postage! That´s service!)


The socks are finished but they are going to be decorated ( pimped ) with flowers in crochet and maybe som lace. My local knittinggroup are hosting a get- together for doing embellishment the last sunday in september. Everybody is welcome to join!
These socks, my greenish fingerless mittens and the pink scarf are waiting for this date to be finiched and maybee some other items too!
The green ripple weave socks are finished but I forgot to take a picture

Kiri, the final episode

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kiri is blocked

We use what we have so now I just wonder where I´m supposed to sleep tonight

The sofa is busy...

First sock

First sock in knitted and does not have this color, it´s huntergreen and one of the boring sock yarns from Marks och Kattens that´s available in this town!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

New sock

I´ve started Ripple weave socks from VK fall 2006. I´ve started them before but did not get the pattern right and I didn´t this time either. but after ripping the fifth time I started to trust my knowlege, the photo and finally got it to work!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New skill

Now I know how to knit two socks at time om circular knitting needles! That means I will not ever do that again. I prefer double pointed needles!

Skill, faith or just luck?

Finished the Kiri... ...with this much yarn left... it´s time for blocking.