Friday, October 31, 2014

The pink ribbon 2014

First I did not blog becourse my computer was rotten then I bought this new one that I don´t really like so I kind of put it aside but now I´m back!
I usually show the pink ribbon of the year here and this year it looks like this:
 The pattern is designed by Camilla Thulin Camilla looks like this:
She is a very smart talented lady with her own collection of dresses, she do clothes for theater and movies and if you remember Army of Lovers....Camilla did the clothes!
She and her husband Johan Rabeus who is a wellknown swedish actor like sailing and keep their boat that I think is called Mozzarella (?) in Turkey and she has co written a cook and traveling book ( Of course I have it! ) She also have a blog , sorry it´s in Swedish....
The pattern for the pink ribbon is inspired by crochet.

Right now they are showing British sewing bee the Swedish edition, and no I´m not watching... boring boring boring, I gave up after one and a half episode... But on another channel they are showing a show about clothes and how they are made and how you should keep them ! I love this show and the presenter is ... Yes ! You probably guessed it...It´s Camilla and Musse ( the dog )
I suggest you google her name to find out more. The pictures above are from the pink ribbons official homepage and from Camilla Thulin´s official homepage