Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vogue 1250 DKNY dress

Yeah! I had to try it too! and it is a great dress, and so fast to sew. This is my second attempt I wasn´t careful enought with the pattern so one of them came in a wrong position, I might shorten it to a top but not today.
I even got my serger to work, I changes the needles and threaded it correctly...

I made some changes, I needed the lowerpart bigger so I cut the pattern and spreaded it and I also added the extra for the seat. I later took that amount of fabric away and some from the back since there where a little too much fabric there.
I followed the instruction but stabilized the shoulder seam.
The fabric is bought in Copenhaguen at Stof2000 short after byuing the aqua fabric and my plan was to make a top from it, since it was 2 meters for 50 crowns sale I bought more then needed so there was enought for a dress.
I would not mind making this dress again in a very very nice fabric and I would not mind paying extra for it course this dress is worth it
Well...there is a reason why this pattern seams to be everyones favourite this season!

Burda 4/2011 mod 140, again!

Aqua corduroi, not really my fabric but saw something nice in a knitting book and thought: why not? Aqua has been big this summer and I might as well sew the fabric and wear it late summer...early fall.
This version is true to the pattern, a pattern that I will through away now, there are many nice skirts out there to be sewed.
I used a sparebutton from a jeansjacket I think and couldn´t hammer it to hold so I used superglue, I can always replace it if it falls off.

The skirt is a bit wrinkled after wearing it to work ( started working halftime wedensday! YEY! )teamed it with a red top since I´ve seen many kitchens and quilts in that combo and I think I might prefer it in that matter...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vogue 1236 take two

A kind of retro knit from the 1,5 meters cuts at Stof and Stil.
I had to make the dress smaller at the chest so I scooped out the armcycle to the smallest size and then I took it in about 2 cm on each side ( total of 8 cm ) I shortened it to a top by folding the hem to the " make-it-longer-or-shorter-here-mark "
I did this at sewing camp and Vibeke had made 2 dresses from this pattern too and had a beautiful!!!! fabric for a third dress she was going to wear at a wedding later this month. This is such a great pattern!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Burda Plus spring/summer 2010 mod 424

This shirt comes with some different looks but this one is 424 minus the pleated edge around the bib and I also made "real" plackets on the sleeves, the sizes run large.

Well it does not hang so well on AE...
I used a very soft pink cotton skirting bought at a small fabric shop in town that now is closed...The good thing is that we have an excellent notion store and I bought the buttons there ( I also looked at a Cover pro machine, just looked!)

I used a light blue grey thread for all the topstitching as well as the buttonholes, apart from the bib every seam is flatfelled

Monday, August 08, 2011

Burda 4/2011 mod 140

I´ve been to a sewing camp for three days and got a lot of things done including this skirt. The first picture is of a flea market skirt I bought, it´s a kind of german/ austrian look in a really nice fabric; a corduroi in cotton/rayon in a beautiful green variagated color

I used Burda 4/2011 mod 40 and raised it in the back adding a mid back seam and layed the front on the buttoned frontpiece. The original skirt was lined with a polyester lining, I used that for the pockets and added a black rayon lining

I tried to save as much of the cute stuff from the original skirt like the button holes and the little fake pocket.

The skirt is really nice with the sewed pleats and a nice basic skirt that I might do again.
Love the buttons!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Burda Plus 2001 mod 410

This skirt is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. It´s a basic A-line from an old Burda plus that I shortened alittle and made room for a slightly larger "derriere" in the back. The fabric is a cotton stretch twill and there´s a recycled rayon lining from the dress I made for the wedding last summer and is too big now.
There is a lamp to the right of the skirt that make the colors on that side a little weird. The skirt is pinned to the dressform.

I did a lot of work on the inside;part from label there are hanging loops and the facing is in the fashion fabric. ( I usually like to use quilters cotton here...

I like this model due to A-line= bycycleably and the contour waistband and there are a lot of colors in it that I can use to match tops.