Sunday, November 12, 2006

Skirt for fall

All fall I´ve seen cute skirts in the windows in city with trims, inspiring me to make this one. And since I´m been really low on sewing for a long time I thought a fast project was gonna start me off again, I bought this fabric ( cotton ) becourse I liked the fabric and the colors anf since I consider myself a Fall I thought it would be nice. I did it basically freehand, took a chance on how much I needed for the hip, used the small cheap ruffler to gather the ruffled part and then had to cut away 20 cm, 8 inches becourse it was to big ( at least it wasn´t the other way around...) The velvet trim was in the stash and for speedreasons I used elastic in the waist

This is how it looks like and it looks godd on me to and I like it, but I don´t feel comfortable wearing it now, it feels to summery.

Here´s a detail of the fabric and the trim. I have to see what I can find in the closet to tune the colors down or I just have to wait for next summer or early spring will do.

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