Friday, August 29, 2008

Mini wardrobe contest

Minimum four different outfits:

Wrap blouse

This is my second blouse from this Onion pattern:

and it looks like this:

I used vintage lace for the ties

and added a little embellishment on one of the sleeves, to match the plaid skirt

This pattern is so easy to sew and the little shaping in the neck makes wonders for people like me who is not interested in showing cleavage. Onion have shorter back lenght than most pattern so I had to make it longer. I also made the entire blouse a little longer.

Plaid skirt

My plaid skirt is ready. It´s a BWF pattern from the plus section, designed by Adam Dzielak who must have done his best work for Burda becourse when I look at "Hammer" that´s what he usually does It´s not as nice things.

Here´s a little detail from the front vent. The coins are from stoff och stil and the little bow is inspired from a welknown swedish label who recently won the "Gold button" award....

and here´s the drawing of the skirt

Sunday, August 17, 2008

You win some... loose some
You finish some and you start some. Thats every sewer and knitters motto!

Feather and fan lace shawl from "A gathering of lace" The yarn is Isager Alpacka a pure joy to knit ! and there´s a lot to knit...I´m using thinner needles and have to add a lot of rows and the shawl is circular! On the other hand there´s no purl stitches and there are 3 rows of only knit and one row for the pattern.
This is going to become finger gloves. From a book called "Knitting new mittens and gloves" I´m using a superwash wool and a variagated mohair for the ruffles and a magic loop instead of 5 needles
Here´s an almost finished arm on a shrug in modular knit in Drop´s alpacka, nice and soft to knit and wear
and this is a sweather by a danish designer team called Design club.

This sweater is called "ballet". I´ve been looking at this sweater for some time and bought yarn at the knitting trip to Copenhagen. This is a really easy project that has instructions for doing it on a knitting machine too.

Emma finished

I finished "Emma" and blocked her on my bed using 328 needles. The black outline is yarn that I used to know how to stretch her properly. On Anna Elisabeth. I used only 100 grams of yarn so she is really light as a feather
and a close up

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next mini wardrobe!

The mini wardrobe rules are fun here´s what I might do next Petrol blue, beige and brown

Mini wardrobe update, full skirt

I did some sewing on the skirt too! I cut it at least a week ago and pinned it to my curtain. That was very wise of me! The front skirt is cut so one side edge is on straight grain and one is on bias. That means the hung piece don´t have the same lenght to the sides and if you sew first one side will hang and wrinkle. This way the hemline is not the same at one end but the skirt is so long that it dusts the floor when I´m wearing it and I cut the short version! It doesn´t really matter but it takes more yardage. Here´s a closeup on the front yoke, outside
and inside with the organza showing. Planning to spend part of the evening handpicking the zipper and maybee cut the lining. Even though there´s quite a lot of fabric in the skirt it feels lite and easy to wear
Yes! It´s the same picture!

Mini wardrobe update; jacket

This is a full picture of the jacket and the skirt I made the arms full lenght, but didn´t really measure so I had to add a strip for the hem. consider it a design feature!
and here´s the button I´m using
3 of them. I have to do buttonholes, sew the buttons and do some staystitching on the inside of the jacket. I omitted the bands on the arms, but used grosgrain in the back.

Monday, August 04, 2008

More snoopshopping

I don´t think I have to tell you where I found theese clothes...
Likes the way they mix fabrics. It looks easy but is not! A piece of antique lace or a very special piece of fabric left?
It´s so beautiful! This one I might consider to buy!
Cute yes! But not in public...
Yes! but not for fall!
I wish I could find some tatoo style embroidery files on the net somewhere...This kind of white style embroidery I have a lot of! I have a lot of lace too, really beautiful french cotton lace!
And I love those little bows!!!!!

Snoopshopping and shopping

I´ve been to Stof and Stil today and bought grosgrain ribbons for the green jacket. I´ve done some knitting but not any sewing. I found an embroidered fabric at the store that was so Odd Molly. I´t´s really fun to look at how this company has influenced so many other.
Snoopshopping at Antrophologie I found this one in red. This pic is from Odd Molly´s own site:
Pretty! I like this one to
and this one so vintage. When I see cardigans like this I have a tendancy to say I can do it and then I never find the cardigans in the store...but this year I´ve seen som simple straight cardigans in colors that´ll looks better on me...
I think this one is Anna Sui But the reason for showing it is that I think this is the right top to go with the Odd Molly lace skirt

Oh no! not you again!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pattern for Odd Molly jacket are having a sale and I bought some pattern; one of them this Anne Klein that I´m going to use for the Odd Molly jacket with bleach spots

Mini wardrobe progress

Are we a big help or not?
I cut the full skirt on my bedroom floor. The pattern said that you should cut 2 pieces of the yoke in fashionfabric and one in lining. Sew the lining to one of the fashion fabric piece and treat them as one. I´m gonna go to the only shop in town that sells silk organza and use that instead. The skirt is hanging pinned to one of my livingroom curtains.

Books are good for a lot of things!

I also cut the jacket. I choosed one size smaller than normal since it´s Butterick´s and that was a good choise! I made an FBA and let the extras go into the two folds, made the bodice 1,5 cm longer ( 0,5 inch) I have a longer backlenght than most patterncompanies think is normal, and then I made the jacket 5 cm ( 2 inches) longer since I´m gonna wear it with the blouse. I also made the arms full lenght ( it´s fall, or it will be soon) The jacket is unlined and I have problems with that so I´m gonna add lining to the arms.
This pattern is really cute. The collar version will make a nice blouse ( in the future ). It´s easy to sew!