Friday, October 26, 2012

333 444 or whatever....

I´m really obsessed with wardrobe planning and on the PR weekend in Barcelona Vibeke talked about the 333 challenge, to only use 33 items for three months including shoes and accessories. I put google to work and found out that you don´t have to count lingerie, atletic wear, lounge wear and jewelry like wedding rings... After googling a little more I found that you can really make your own rules... I will have to rework my list tomorrow. I have a lot of clothes and a lot of clothes that don´t fit and that I don´t want to wear. The worse part is that my limited storage space is full of stuff that I don´t use. No more!! Now my storage space is empty and my appartment is filled with bags of clothes...I take it as a new start and the thing is that I doubt that anybody will notice becourse I wear only a fraction of what I have. The wardrobe includes the two things I started after Barcelona, the half circle skirt and the drape top that Paco Peralta gave us as gifts...The cut on both are really clever and I´m using a rayon knit from Stof och Stil

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Less is more

Lindex is a Swedish kind of H&M chain but a little more grown up style wise. This poncho sweather was found there
and after my restyling it looked like this: