Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let´s twist again!

I did some shopping at Symässan too...
In Sweden we have an organisation called "Hemslöjden" translated it means homecrafted. They work to keep our cultural heritige alive that have roots in our old farmer societys when you had to produce everything yourself. They sell readymade things, kits for doing them yourself and also have workshops. There are Hemslöjden in all parts of Sweden and what they do is different due to different traditions in different part of the country. If you want to make a local traditional costume this is where you go too. In Skåne there I live we have a tradition on doing embroidery on wool in a very specific way, I will later write about this.
Lately whey have updated their repetoir a lot and this little bag is an exampel of it. It´s done in Twiststitches that is a variation of the crosstitch and lookes braided. Usually you find this in little embroidered patches to decorate your wall with usually small birds or little plants. At hemslöjden you´ll also find "agedynor" in twist stitch. That´s basically long pillows that you sat on in the carriage behind a hourse.
Twist stitching has never been cool until now!

Turning torso

The fair "symässan" happened last weekend so that weekend became busy for me since I was at the fair friday and saturday + working both friday and saturday nights.
The torso is 3 meters high and the I-cord is missing on the picture. It was so fun to see that it worked and people where amazed too. We even made it to Kvällsposten/ Expressen the largest eveningpaper in Sweden) who showed it and us on saturday. I guess that´s my 15 minutes...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Torso knitting

This is the Turning Torso, A landmark in Malmo. Basically it´s our only skyscraper and I have together with some friends been working on a knitted verion of it!

I´ve been knitting 2 of these
Please turn your head now:

That will be put together on this wooden frame

something like this
It will be 3 meters hight and you will be able to see it live if you attend the textile fair Symässan next weekend.

Karin goes crafty again

Look what you can do from some paper and an empty corn flakes box!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christmas lasts ´till easter

We have a X-mas song that translated tells us that and that´s good to know becourse since I finished my calender scarf I´m now entitled to some xmasfood

or at least some chocolate...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready too!

These cuffs are so nice to wear in the winter becourse the cold doesn´t sneak up from under the arm

Dress or tunic

My computer is finally fixed, thanks to DB but I havn´t been lazy during the absence. This dress or tunic I wore it once with a white-beige denim skirt.
It´s Onion 2021 with a variation at the front neckline that I´ve seen in RTW. I made the front piece slightly wider than the pattern piece. I also shortened the sleeves for a 3/4 length that I still think is fashionable.

The fabric is supposted to be silk- cotton and bought in Paris last summer. I liked the retro feel of it and thought it be better if I used it while border fabrics still are in...they are aren´t they?