Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blouse for Hanna

Since I´m very sure that my niece does not read this blog I´m showing you her X-mas present:

It´s made from quilters cotton and white pique for the bib. accents in hot pink

I´m especially fond of the buttons in light pink.

They are sew-in but are very simular to these old ones that I have three of and treasure a lot

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lace style

I borrowed "Lace style" at the library and must admit that I can see muself making most of the things in it. I started with the "Peek-a-boo Cloche" using Drops alpacka.
After finishing it I started a black hat for a fellow classmate who never been in a yarn store before...

Sewing is down at the moment. There are really no time for it when I´m only home for the weekend. But I bought a really nice fabric that I might make a skirt for Christmas from.
I´m also droiling over Cool Couture and Shirtmaking...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brown skirt in denim

This dark pic shows my latest skirt, it´s a copy from a Knipmode but I simply slashed my basic skirt pattern that originally was Burda 8890, it´s probably OOP.
Brown denim from the remnant table at Stof och Stil, invisable zip and white topstitching

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mette skirt

It has taken a long time to get this skirt finished, but since Paris my urge to sew has increased.
In Denmark there´s a fabricshop chain called stof2000 and they have their own patternline called "100 % homemade" the models have names in across stitch-kind-off-logotype so it took me a long time before I actually decided to try one of their patterns out. My choise was Mette

Mette is a six gore skirt with the backpanel devided into two to place a zipper in the back.
I bought the teal stretch corduroi with jeans in mind but changed my mind ( that´s why you have a stash, isn´t it? ) during part of the looong sewingtime I had teal lint all over the appartment

The skirt is nice a little heavy but looks good with boots and are easy to ride a bike wearing it. I actually liked the pattern so much that I made a second skirt a lot faster using parts of bad jeanstrial and leftover fabric. It´s not ready in this pic but has became a favourite since jeans go with everything.

I am now working on a brown jeansskirt inspired by a knipmode model and green jeans using the Jalie pattern but with a lot of changes some due to less stretch in my fabric som due to they don´t use my body to draft their patterns from...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paris fabric shopping

No! I did not buy this, it´s the ugly fabric from the swap

This is also a ugly fabric that did not make it to the swap, gift from Annika

This one I love! It´s silk that I plan to use for a dress/tunic style. It has little purple accents in it that I don´t think the photo really shows

Jersey i meter in a square with border, a sleeveless top for summer

Cotton with both structure and print, a little retro, dress for summer or jacket and skirt

This is totally black good wool. i decided I was old enought for the basic black skirt. This will be enought for two

Cotton with structure and a little Odd Molly style of print, for a blouse

Cotton with a little elastan for a skirt dress. The almost dots are almost pink and has a retro feel to it!

I´m pleased...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chair with fur seat

I bought this chair for 20 or 10 crowns early this summer:

Picture taken at my parents house becourse I sanded the hole thing down to tha bare wood that in this case was oak and it´s a very good thing to do it outside. I later painted it black as in the curtain blogpost.
The seat needed padding and all I could find was this 10 cm high seat that I attched with glue

and cut down to size using my best chef´s knife. I also made the seat smaller

with my "delta sander" becourse my plan was to use my furcoat that never leaves the attic and since fur is a little heavier than fabric the seat needs to be smaller

Voila! The finished chair!

Saturday, October 03, 2009



After some sewing and a visit ti IKEA

After a visit to a fleamarker, a long time and some black paint

My cat had sergery and is not pleased with the plastic piece that will prevent him from scratching

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Myrtle update again

I´m knitting on other projects right now. This one is to big to bring with me in the cab, but starting the new job monday I will spend my evenings knitting and sipping gallons of tea...

Della Mitts

September KAL in the Ravelry group of fingerless mittens fanatics. Alpacka from Rauma, 1 ball.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ekorundan or you can eat them too!

This weekend has been the weekend of "Ekorundan" That means that some organic farms have "open houses" and that you can ride between them in cars ( not so good for the climat...) Eko stands for ekological that means organic.
It´s the third year that it´s been arranged and I have done it all three years with a friend. We have bought a lot of veggies, drank a lot of coffea and had some really good cakes. This year we ended up at a sheepfarm that I don´t recall the name of but the woolshops name was "Sjöhästen" ;seahourse.

They had three kinds of sheeps, The gotlandic from the island outside Sweden. The Leicester and an endangered called "Åsen"

The gotlandic sheep is grey and when it becames a furcoat it´s called Viking lamb and is also quite popular in decorating

This is dyed wool to be spun into yarn

You could also buy natural skins

I bought a natural white skein of Leicester/Åsen and a singular thread gotlandic thera half of it was dyed in black
To be saved for a yammy project....
and yes they sell meat too!

The Myrtle again

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Myrtle

I started on my next Bohus that I will knit from scratch, even the yoke. I´m doing the Myrtle that is a quite new kit in green shades and are based on The egg. The designs is growing row by row and millimeter by millimeter and is absolutely stunning. The photo does not do the colors justice! ( that sentence works in swedish...)
Bohus patterns are different from other stranded work not only by the purl stitches but the patterns are not in "wedges" and would look very strange if using different colors on the yarn instead of the shades that where used. The yarn is a delight to knit and the purl stitches makes it easier for me to get the right tension and hold the loose treads at the right lenght, maybee becourse I have to knit slower. I loose track of time knitting this!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bohus Tobacco progress report

I´ve reknitted the body due to gauge and size and are now working on the second sleeve, aka the last sleeve. Have to decide on button bands...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think Pink!

I´ve had an idea for a while!
Since october is breast awarness mounth why don´t everybody knit their own pink scarf in september to wear through october. You can use any yarn and any pattern as long as it´s pink. I even started some kind of discussion on Ravelry about it, since I havn´t done much there I´m not sure I did iy on the proper place.
Wearing your own pink scarf will of course not stop you from buying the pink ribbon or donate money in another way for research!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lingerie again

This is turning into a "brablogg" but I´ve enjoyed sewing them and for the first time in my life underwear are not the limiting thing in my know the thing that when you are out of them you have to do laundry

I dyed the fabric myself, it should have been red but that what happenes when you dye synthetic stuff. Anyway the bra is really comfy and by underlining it with powernet the color has been toned down. I made the bows myself with a little ribbon and a flower from yardage

I named the set the "Fanta" set.

Gudrun Sjöden

Gudrun Sjöden is a swedish designer that has a very personal style. She´s inspired by traditional clothing and textiles and this year the winter collection is TDF!
There are some blouses with embroidery on the arms that I´m gonna try to copy and some linen dresses not to speak of the cardigans. If you´re not into folkloric clothes she has a basic collection with good quality knitwear in very special colors.
I have some pieces from her that I like to use in a more toned down style and also some basics like black t-shirt. Go to her homepage and take a look!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sami bracelets

I really love all things handmade and if I don´t love it I can always appretiate the workmanship and the historical aspect of it.
In the north of Sweden lives the Sami people. They have their own language, their own traditional songs; the "jojk" and they still raise reindeers even though some of them are teachers, doctors and lawers. One of their traditional "crafty skill" is the making of pewter tread embroidery. Wired pewter tread are braided and sewed onto reindeerskin and made into bracelets, bags and a lot of other things. Of course I had to try this so I bought a kit a couple of years ago and made this bracelet. The button is from the horn of the reindeer.
The other day I found an add in english Elle about a company that sells clogs and sami bracelet, not only in traditional natural and black leather but pink, green etc so when in Copenhagen today I passed a store that sells leather as I had so many times before...but today I entered! I found a piece of pink suede that I will make me one more bracelet of, this time in pink! I also found the largest collection I have ever seen on studs, cabinhooks ( I bought one in shape of a heart )and buckets for belts, wristlets in whatever size and shape you could imagine

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bohus knitting

I decided to do something about the bohus and I decided to knit a hole one too so I contacted solsilke and asked about the new kit; the myrtle and about my bohus. The pattern on my sweather is called "tobacco" and she sells yarn separately for the body, not the yarn for the yoke. The yarn is a wonderful angora/merino blend and when I knit it it I don´t get that weird color that I recall the sweather had before frogging.

The yoke is a little felted so I have to use my mathematic skills here. There are 448 stitches on the finished yoke. The new knitting has a different gauge so I start by knitting two stitches together every 5 and 4 stitch and then I divide the stitches for arms and front and back using some kind of percentage.

The bohus sweathers where knittet on two sticks and sewed together; I do the knitting on circular needles but as for a raglan like the original. I use the Myrtle pattern as a reference.
Yesterday I went to look at an open garden in the next town ( Lund) The garden belongs to one of our wellknown chefs and his mother who is an author has written a book about the garden and the house ( Maryhill by Lotte Möller )
The Garden is open a weekend each summer and they serve the most wonderful Kakbuffé cockiebuffé with coffea the or whatever you like to drink and as much of it.
And Yes! I ate it all!

Monday, July 06, 2009

PR Designer Knock Off Contest

I´m going to enter the Designer knock off contest on PR and I´m knocking off this blouse:

with this beautiful back

but I´m planning to use this sleeve from a dress in the same collection

I have some eggshell cotton that´s been washed and some very delicate cotton laces, actually much nicer than original...and I´m planning to use Carol Laflin Ahles book and her tecniques to attach the laces etc. So I might enter the blouse in the new tecnique contest too.


She´s a beauty!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sugar sweather finished

I spent a couple of days my parents house really doing nothing but knitting and visiting a fabricstore, a fleamarket and going to the local knittingcafé that´s in a yarn store and yes I bought some yarn too!

I finished this one, even blocked it. I´m especially fond of the neckline. I was going to make a wide neckline but it became to wide so I did a sideways neckline shaping it with the help of short rows and a Hanne Falkenberg edge

The Geilsk teal top is finished too and soaking, tecnically this was not an UFO but it´s finished anyway.

Well almost...