Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gathering of lace

I went to the library today and found "A gathering of lace". It´s a beautiful book and after the library I went down to the shore, had lunch and looked thrugh my books an thought I recognized the Spanish peacock shawl!
The pattern are the same as the one my great grandmother knitted but she had a different middle section! Maybee it´s avery common and international pattern but I think it´s kind of fun

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have been knitting and sewing but nothing is really progressing. The sarisilk scarf is basically ready but need to be embellished.
We have a clothing company here in Sweden called Odd Molly their adress is and they have very nice jackets in crochet and of course I don´t want to pay what they charge in the shops when I can do it myself, but I have to find the perfect pattern so I borrowed a book called "Encyclopedia of crochet" and trying the different patterns in it. I also have to decide on the perfect color, I´m not a pastell girl. I like the teal, maybe with beige or purple.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I got 10 onionpatterns yesterday! Onion are a danish patterncompany that makes great patterns. Look at the models that are sewed at their webpage, the link is at right on this page.
I think I´m gonna make a return to school SWAP. I can see myself with a summer scedule that saw sewing in the morning, then beach and knitting in the afternoon and beer and coffea somewhere in between

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Skirt and tanning report

My shorter skirts has made a difference in the color of my legs and my fifth skirt, made of a cottonprint, big bold flowers from mid 60 made a colleage of mine laught when I whore it to work on friday. She had the same fabric as curtains in her first appartment... so she got nostalgic.
Sorry no photo.
Working on my recycled silk scarf and spede cardigan.
I saw that there´s a competition on Pattern Review on sewing lingerie that´s interesting becourse I need to sit down and start sewing again, and after that there´s a one pattern- 3 looks competition, seams fun too

Saturday, June 10, 2006

more vintage knitting

I talked about my great grandmother before, this is one of her knits too.
It´s a dolls dress she made for my mother who was born in 1931.
The skirt and sleeves are in a variation of feather and fan and it´s buttoned in the back with tiny tiny buttons.. I have it hanging from a cupboard as decorations in my livingroom

Friday, June 09, 2006

"spede" cardigan

A woman on my SnB group is a designer and has done a revieval on Spede tröjor. They where worn in the south of sweden among the peasant population and are a part of the national costumes here. They are very thin thightly knitted sweathers that are decorated with fabrics and embroidery etc. The name spede is a local word for sticks as in sticks used to lit the fire becourse the knitting sticks where so thin.
Anyway, I went to a galleri to look at some of her work and got inspired, so when I got home I took a turtle neck sweather that I felted in the washing machine, cut it opened and scooped the neckline and started to decorate it like a spede. On the photo I´ve put on lace and a black trim but there are much more to come. I´m also gonna make the arms narrower. More photos will be coming as the work progresses

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Vintage knitting

This is a cloth knitted by my great grandmother at least 50 years ago. It belongs to my mother and is badly blocked and as I discovered it has a hole in it, I´m gonna try to repair it. The curious cat is mine.
I used to have a cloth too but it was knitted in some synthetic yarn and had a washing accident years ago
I have what´s left of her knitting needles and crochethooks and they are tiny. I have some croched lace samplers too, some of them I used for crazy quilting

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

pie, promenade and recycled sari silk

We are having national holiday today so it´s been weekend since saturday = 4 days.
I´ve finished my promenade shawl, I only have to weave in the ends and block it. I´m so thrilled with it, photos are coming soon...
The perfect pie are frogged, to boring to knit BUT the tecnique with the short rows are interesting...
I went to check out a new yarn store in Åhus, I´ve been visiting my parents and it´s close to there house.
They had some Drops, some Rowan, same Noro, same Colinette and some recycled silk, The rec. silk was like a tweed yarn and I bought 2 skeins in a pink shade. After making some samples I decided on doing a gartherstitch on the bias and add some embellishment after.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I started the perfect pie shawl from weekend knitting with the light purple mohair, did not work out. The yarn is too fluffy to show of the pattern so back to the bin and I took some grey wool and used that instead. Much better! I casted on about 150 stiches instead of 76 and used smaller needles. you use a short row teqnique and the pattern is fun and easy. I have some black wool that I´m planning to use for the border.
My hot pink bag is done, frogged and recroched with one stand of yarn and a pattern found in Burda easy fashion; you crochet 3 rows of half double crochet and the fourth row you make a triple crochet stitch in the fourth stitch from the needle, then you make 3 double stitces in the 3 stiches behind the triple stitch.
The new bag is deeper and will have a nice lining with pockets for the cellphone and other things
Now I have to go and get the handles!