Friday, October 20, 2006


This is what my coat looked like when I gave in last year. The pattern is a BWF jacket. I had a lot of inspiration and tried different armcuffs, but then I made a buttonhole too many and it wasn´t fun anymore. It´s been ripped so you can´t see it on the picture but I have to do something fun to cover it, maybee some machine embroidery on a piece of the velvet, don´t know yet. I bought new really expensive boots so this is what I have to work with for a coat. The wool is from Stoff och Stil, a danish chain fabric store as is the velvet trim and the velvet for the collar and armcuffs is from Ohlssons tyger that´s closing down now and having a sale. It´s really not a big deal for the people of Malmö, but they where my source for Onion patterns.
Progress on Viveca: finished front again and are half way throught first arm, doing it on circular needles and starting from the top, I made the arms 12 stitches wider by picking up stitches from the sideseams and knitting them until size of the 8 stitches added and then picking up from the armcycle. The V-neck looks really good now. I increased every second row. will try to take picture o it, it´ll probably looks like those fashion photos showing black clothes...

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