Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feather and fan shawl

The knitting part of my "Feather and fan shawl" from "A gathering of lace" is done

Now I only have to find somewhere to block it, my carpet is to small!
I ended up adding two more rows of pattern and used 2 balls of Isager alpacka about 1600 meter

Currently I work on my "Ballet" sweather and the bodice that are knit in strips I knit in the taxi while waiting for custumers and I just started the sleeves at home. The pattern is called "vulkor" or something simular and I don´t have any idea what that means but they are fun to knit. The original arms are made entirely with this pattern. I did about 15 cm of them and continued in strait stitches.

You knit "vulkor" by every 4:th row randomly 2-3 times/row pick up 2 stitches 8 rows down and knit them with next two stitches on your current row.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green blouse

This blouse is made from the same pattern as the green corduroi jacket but longer.

this is the back view and a design detail from the ties that I saw on an Odd Molly blouse. You sew a buttonhole rather close to the side seam and insert the tie through it and attach it in the side seam

I can imagine this will look good on thicker fabrics if you make a bound buttonhole

The fabric is a embroidered cotton popline from stoff och stil from there in store collection. Ít has scalloped border on both sides.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Odd Molly Yes! and it´s in my closet!

I bought this beautiful dress on 70 % sale and they say that money can´t buy you happiness....