Thursday, July 26, 2012


Emily Ross did the pattern, it´s free on Ravelry and 6414 Harunis has already been knitted and the pattern has been translated into several languages including swedish
Mine has 20 rows of leaves and I used something called fyberpath lace yarn and it was bleeding a lot while soaking so I´m surpriced it´s still green....I used 55 grams of the yarn so I have almost half of it left
I´ve already started next shawl, not for me this time...and I´m using a pattern from Nancy Bush Knitted lace of Estonia called "Raha" That means money. In the book this is a one repeat scarf but I saw a shawl knittet with multible repeats on Ravelry and think it´ll be perfect for my friend
Not only do I like to knit lace on 2mm needles, I like to wear it a lot.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Toile and samples

At the LW expo there was a room with some samples of toiles
and how the finished dress looked
There where also a lot of sketches
and soma samples that you could toutch: The one at the upper right on the lower picture is silk chiffon embroidered with peacock ( price unknown....)

Sunday, July 08, 2012


across from my dentist is a Wolford shop and in the window the other day I saw this:
It´s the little stuff she wears on her ankles you should look at! They are according to the swedish webshop ( there I stole the pic from)called gaiters and I actually thought that it was something to draw attention to the window display and asked the sales lady who was opening up if it was a was not...

Thursday, July 05, 2012

A basket for every purpose

I have quite a few baskets for storage, some of them show really nice workmanship and some are just ordinary cheap stuff In my livingroom I have 2 for yarn, one for wool, one full of blankets and quilts, 1 for trash, 3 for UFOs... I have baskets made from different roots, bark and straw and I have one that´s painted Today I went to watch a exebition of baskets at the museum in Landskrona This is a french yarn basket, have had a lining of fabric
This is a french potato basket, they really know how to do it in style...
And these are called Brigitte Bardot baskets, I did not know that but apparently there are some pictures of her using one of these as a handbag
back pack is made from bark from birch, something that you could make a lot of things from like shoes
Fish baskets, remember these from readin Donald Duck as a child
There where also some new baskets made by people from England, Denmark and Sweden and probably some other countries. The museum shop had some baskets for sale too.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Kriss skirt fix

I have some issues with Kriss clothes but my mum likes them and I think Heidi would say matrony... I found this skirt on a fleamarket a few weeks ago and saw some potential. It has elastic waist and multible ruffles and was not maxi lenght
I simply cut of the two lower ruffles and hemmed the lining and added a little lace at the hem since it will be showing a little bit since the hemline is a little lower at front due to ruffle design
It took me less than 15 minutes to fix this and then I repaired a side seam too. I think this skirt is fun and flirty and I will be able to style it in many ways