Monday, January 26, 2009

Karin goes crafty...

There is a trend in home dec here in Sweden both on the blogs and unfortunately in the magazines too. They are dominated by mostly women who compete in who can paint most things with white paint. This style is called french, danish or even just country. This has also led to a lot of opening of shops that sell white things and suitable things to decorate with in zinc, wire etc. I do attend one of these shops on occation and on my last visit I saw a big box of matches with a piece of wallpaper glued on with a rosy pattern on white ( of course!) background and a piece of lace tied around it. The pricetag was 99 crowns thats about 10 euro...

I bought 2 plain matchboxes from the supermarket for 25 crowns and glued pieces of som nice paper that I had in a box, intended for scrapbooking ( I will tell you my opinion on that later ) Anyway after doing the first box; to the right ( I later removed the yarn ) I recalled having this card from a restaurant in Bologna that I kept for about 10 years. I added a piece of lace made by my maternal great grandmother, two pieces of cinnamon and later a flower of staranise.

"I ate at Pietro´s"

"I went to another place"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I bought the Bohus

I was at "Myrorna" the Salvation army´s fleamarket last week and found a Bohus sweater. It´s the second time I found one and I still regret that I didn´t buy the first one. This one was highly overpriced as a lot of thing are at this shop. So I left without it but having thought about it and talked to people at the "Spede" class ( more on that later) I went back and when I looked at again the idea that I could frog the sweater and save the beautiful yoke and knit me a new sweater that will fit I bought it.

The sweater is very oddly shaped, snug at the neck but the yoke is beatiful. It has a went in the back and are buttoned with tree buttons

The angora blended yarn used for the yoke are so soft, the yarn used for the "white-ish" parts are in a strange off white gray shade.

The label is still there:

I will have to find a yarn for the bodyparts and My plan is to contact "Solsilke" who dye yarn to make kits for Bohus sweaters.

Monday, January 05, 2009

First finished project of 2009

The knitting was done last year but the blocking this year. It´s the Icarus Shawl from "The best of interweave knits" The edging is a little bit different due to not enought yarn, according to the book there should be yarn over, but wasn´t. It doesn´t really matter in this case. I like the shawl and this one´s MINE!

Now I want to make myselt a Kiri in kid silk in some kind of burgundy color...that will have to wait.'I started my second Spedes cardigan. I need something small that will last long for taxi knitting and the sleeves will do the job. I´m making it in a light natural grey wool. Time will tell what colors I will use for decorations. The spede class will finally happen this month and then I will work on my teal cardigan. My plan is to make that one with a lot och sparkels etc and making the grey one more everyday.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did I do all that!

One thing I like about blogging is that when a year has passed and you think; what the h-l did I do last can look through your posts and see all the things you did and forgot about. I´m especially fond of/ proud of that I finished the mini wardrobe contest, especially since my use of clothes and outfits are down to a minimum since working in uniform. I´m also amazed by all the shawls I knitted and there´s one Iqarus under my mattress waiting to be released. I also liked that I bought a dummy after all years wanting to.
My favourite part of the blogging is that I can keep in touch with people I see in person not often enought.
Hope to meet you all in Paris this fall. and there´s always a couch even if it´s hairy for you to use in Malmo.