Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cute skirt

I saw this skirt on Anthropologie, It looks like it´s Odd molly but it´s not, It´s corduroi, but I have a nice piece of grey wool that need something fun to it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hey! there´s the images

or at least one!

Odd Molly meets Noa Noa

My images has been added said blogger but I can´t see them! If I could it would be two pics ( or by now five ) of my new sweather knitted in a silk yarn bought in Copenhagen in a bargain bin in august or maybee july.
I knitted it from the top and did the arms on circular needles. The hems are in crochet, idea stolen from Odd Molly. I used 10 balls of yarn and now I have to weave in all ends and add some velvet trim and snap buttons.
I got 2 hole balls left and are going to use them for a cutebag found on an internetsite, forgotten what site. Sorry!
And it´s been added too! Let´s skip this for tonight

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Onion jacket again

Last night I basically finished the body with the hood, still need to add the zipper and some handstitching and finding the right trim. I had some difficulties thinking up how to proceed with the hood but I ended up sewing the outer layer on mashine and attaching the inner layer by hand, looked like this

The grey is the lining and the burgundy is for the inside of the hood and facings. It was nice sewing the bouclé but I lost some needles in it and I was glad that I used 2 cm seam allowances! I attached the chain to. I had a golden chain since a long time ago that I used, but the zipper is going to be brass, I´ve decided not to think too much about this. So far I´m pleased with the result and I´m glad I shoosed this tecnique instead of underlaying and do it the usual way and so far I´m very pleased with the pattern. It will probably not look like a regular Chanel jacket but everyone know I can´t afford that either... I think I´ll like this better!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Onion jacket

I bought this fabric a year ago in Paris, it´s a wool- viscose bouclé and it looks much more hot pink in real life. I like Chanelstyle jackets but I´m not a classic dresser so it´s been resting in my closet but the other day I took this pattern:
and decided to make a jacket for myself. I shortened the jacket 5 cm/ 2 inches, it´s longer than on the drawing and shortened the arms to, I do that on all Onionpatterns and made a FBA. It´s under construction, I´m using the tecnique in last Threads and had some difficulties figuring out how to do the hood. I´m lining the complete jacket, used a quilted burgundy fabric bought at PR weekend Copenhagen last year for the hood, front and lower arms and grey viscoselining for the rest. I like it so far. I havn´t been sewing much this fall so I really need something to get me going. I have enought fabric for a skirt too, but I dont think I´ll ever wear them together.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Bad shot! but I wanted to show my nice broch made my my friend Jenny. She used a pattern from garnstudio and two shades of Karisma. The pattern for the flower is on a hat and scarf if you want to make one yourself.

Skirt for fall

All fall I´ve seen cute skirts in the windows in city with trims, inspiring me to make this one. And since I´m been really low on sewing for a long time I thought a fast project was gonna start me off again, I bought this fabric ( cotton ) becourse I liked the fabric and the colors anf since I consider myself a Fall I thought it would be nice. I did it basically freehand, took a chance on how much I needed for the hip, used the small cheap ruffler to gather the ruffled part and then had to cut away 20 cm, 8 inches becourse it was to big ( at least it wasn´t the other way around...) The velvet trim was in the stash and for speedreasons I used elastic in the waist

This is how it looks like and it looks godd on me to and I like it, but I don´t feel comfortable wearing it now, it feels to summery.

Here´s a detail of the fabric and the trim. I have to see what I can find in the closet to tune the colors down or I just have to wait for next summer or early spring will do.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear Santa, today I´ve been very good...

I made new arms and new cuffs that I like, I also sewed the lining and attached it and the facings to the coat. Next will be some handstitching to hold the facing. I still need some creative way to hide the extra buttonhole and I need to open up the facing for the buttons. Now I´m allowed to go clubbing tonight. There are a couple of creative women in this town who has started "craft clubbing", one of them said in an interview that it was becourse it was so boring going out and have nothing to do and being the only one knitting in the pub... Way to go!!!