Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chair with fur seat

I bought this chair for 20 or 10 crowns early this summer:

Picture taken at my parents house becourse I sanded the hole thing down to tha bare wood that in this case was oak and it´s a very good thing to do it outside. I later painted it black as in the curtain blogpost.
The seat needed padding and all I could find was this 10 cm high seat that I attched with glue

and cut down to size using my best chef´s knife. I also made the seat smaller

with my "delta sander" becourse my plan was to use my furcoat that never leaves the attic and since fur is a little heavier than fabric the seat needs to be smaller

Voila! The finished chair!

Saturday, October 03, 2009



After some sewing and a visit ti IKEA

After a visit to a fleamarker, a long time and some black paint

My cat had sergery and is not pleased with the plastic piece that will prevent him from scratching