Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP burda dress on the bias

I´m currently working on this Burda dress from the Plus issue as well as from "original" Burda from last summer maybee...

A nice neckline Always get me going and this is no exeption, might use some extra steam to fix the last gathering on the left side. The fabric is a charcole rayon from Stoff and Stil bought 5 meters since rayons are hard to find in nice colors ( also had a brownish colorway, also 5 meters in stash) good since there was something wrong in the weft so I have to use more yardage than planned.
 Even thought sleeveless is a nice option I really like nice sleeves too, this dress had two options and this little  elastic garthered version was my choise, didn´t have any black elastic at home so I went for grey
I used some Guterman iron-on stabilizing tape that I added befor taking the pattern off from the fabric I stabilized the neckline minus the garthering part, the skoulder seams and the armcycles. Important when sewing bias garment. It´s also important that it can hang so the bias streaches properly and it´s been hanging for a week now so I´ll be finishing it up this weekend.
The dress from the Plus issue is a petite option but I made the bodice part longer as I always do and since there´s no waistline to be conserned about,  it´ll probably be fine. I have a long bodice for "normal" sizes too and would like to try some more of the petits to see how they differ from a "normal" size, a normal tweek would also be to shorten the pattern in the armhole section, something that might be done in petits or at least should bee.
This is a nice dress for me that will keep me cool without letting those near me freeze...

Last week I took a serger class at a great local sewing mashine/ notion store that we have in Malmö called Gregers Sy. I wish I had done that before, no wonder my serger was not working as it should since some of the setting was totally off, I´ve not been sewing on it for two years when I had the knife sharpened... Now I discovered that I can´t move the differential feeding so next week I will have her maintained.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Frida Kahlo at Arken

My dad and I went over the bridge ( the famous one from the TV show) to Arken outside Copenhagen where whey are showing a Frida Kahlo exibition until january 12 next year;  based on her self portaits. There where a lot of other things showing too, ( also some of Diego´s stuff) like pictures from her childhood, also private movies  and some of her dresses.

I didn´t know a lot about her before and I have not seen the movie, she was more beautiful than her paintings and quite a media star.

 These dresses are really not to my liking, maybee it´s a cultural thing but I can like color combinations and if I lived in a warmer country I might dress up similar

I think I actually cought my dad in this least it looks like him...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Royal dresses at Katrinetorp

Katrinetorp belongs to the city of Malmö and was a old country house for a wealthy family once but today it´s a really nice café and restaurant that I like to visit, there´s a big garden or gardens, one is a vegetable garden, one an "English garden" and one more formal, maybe french. There are also an antique shop and a shop with en exibitionhall and until sunday they are showing evening clothes of Marianne Bernadotte. She´s a duchesse and aunt of the king. She was married to Sigvard who is known as the "design prins" . I was not allowed to take pictures but a fast google search found this pics that I show here.
The show was great becourse you can really come close to the clothes and look at fabrics, cuts and other details. Most of the dresses where by Balmain
Marianne Bernadotte is a very stylish lady and google her name to see great clothes!
This picture is not the best but it´s the only one I could find on here wearing this dress that was one of my favourites. It´s blue lace and silksatin(?) and parts of the lace is embroidered with sequens and the contrast between the embroidered parts and the plain is fantastic! so is the bust area with pleats...

 This is also one of my favourite, it´s silk organza and the sleeves appliqued raw edge cirkels are so great and they have also used the pattern of the fabric to sew an extra seam to form the bust part.

A real feast for the Eyes or at least mine... Know that this exibition where in Linköping Before but I don´t know if it will travel further. Hopefully it will

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back on the (sewing and travelling ) track again

Hi again! I´m back and I´m sewing again. First I would like to show you this dress from Onion 2023 without the sleeve lining, I´ve made it once Before and this time I omitted the FBA and used a Liberty cotton bought from Shaukat in London. I decided I like cotton dresses and if I wear them in not-so-summery-colors-and-patterns they works all year around. We do have central heating at work and I like cardigans...
 A closeup on the fabric that you almost can see. Since I made it before it was a fast thing to do and becourse I have difficulties ironing the original sleeves on the grey combo dress I made this spring I Think this is a nice variation. Liberty cottons are so nice to sew and wear and better priced at Shaukat than on Libertys!
 I also made a new skirt using an old favourite as guide, the fabric is from Edinburgh fabrics and bought earlier this year and the original skirt is from Zizzi, this amazing danish brand of plus size clothing. The back waistband is elastic and since I´ve been to the US lately I have a good amount of the no-fold elastic that´s anavailable here
 When I was almost finished I found this hole in the fabric:
 the solution was to add a coin pocket for the leftie that I´m not.
 Part from my allowances of two Liberty cottons Vibeke and I hit Goldhauk Road and did some great shopping of natural fibers, silk, rayon and cottons
 There was a PR meet up this weekend but I spent some more time with Vibeke and Maria.
Maria and I had afternoon tea close to Carnaby street and if you follow the link on her name you get a hint of how the extended weekend was spent. Maria sells Onion patterns as well as her own patterns also.