Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nan Hedenrå

I think I+m rather known for my fleamarket finds and that I think that a lot of things need a good home like mine...
The other day I found alot of lacemaking supplies including a lot of patterns all marked to be designed by Nan Hedenrå. A search on google does not help, this woman is unknowen to cyberworld.

I haven´t been doing this for years but now I have some time and some of the patterns are not even pierced...
Still don´t know who Nan was. There is one man by the name of Hedenrå though but his wifes name was not Nan. I´m thinking of giving him a call.
There are differnt ways of doing laces, these patterns are of Vadstena type , in Skåne there I live laces are made on striped fabric and in Dalarna they are made on plaid fabric ...or the other way around.
In the boc there where a lot of "stars" or small tablecloths that I think I could use on blouses as ornaments so I might be at it again!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shopping spree

I´ve been doing some fabric shooping the other days. First I bought the babycorduroi in aqua that I´m gonna make a skirt from, take a look at the Ottobre skirt on the next picture. The other two are knits that I´m going to make something nice from maybee with a empire cut. I bought the knits in Copenhagen and the fact that one of them matched the corduroi was a happy coinsident.

I also got 4 yards of viscose lining fabric and tuesday I booked the laundry room to get them all prewashed.
I wonder why Ottobre never can tell how long the skirts are, it would be a big help when buying fabric.
Aqua is nothing I have in my closet but a skirt for spring is always nice...

Fair Isle shawl

I did this before new year and I´ve used it a lot!
I always had a fear for fair isle but working with Kauni wool was easy. The yarn is variagated so I´ve used two colorways and some extra yarn for the back of the border ( Rauma Finull)

Right now I´m working on a cardigan with some fair isle knitting as well and using alpacka is a very different thing when it cames to doing stranded work.
The shawl is done in the round and cut open. It´s a ravelry pattern but the borders are my own.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

DeFBAing clothes

I did some very nice shirts this fall, draping the front to make sure the bust dart was the correct size and correct position. These shirts now add to my button stash...
The summer dress that I whore for the wedding will be dartless and altered and I praise all the clothes I made being too lazy to do any FBA and digging out my empire cut disasters and thinking of giving the Kwik Sew Wrap Top a new chance.
Will start work again on monday ( Yey!!!!) and have an appointment with my new doctor;the onkologist on thursday to discuss and plan chemo. My need for clothes are very small right now but I´m working on my second chemo hat a 70-style something in crochet. I have to reload my camera and show you pics. The first one is a simple 2K2P hat in drops new alpack silk baby yarn.
I also started a yoke cardigan. I need thin cardigans for work in the summertime. This one uses the alpacka silk yarn too and some alpacka for the Fair Isle parts.