Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Pattern Primavera dress

I liked the look of a lot of Hot Patterns patterns but they cost more than I normally would like to pay for a pattern and though there are some talks about the cut of their pants I´m actually very pleased with Burdas patterns and not have to do an FBA makes them a lot easier to sew. But since you should try everything at least once I bought this pattern and thought I could make a nice dress from it using my nice silk fabric I bought in Paris.

And this pattern might work for someone with the boobs on there back or a serious haunchback. After I tried it on I checked the pattern sheet and the back bodice is 4 cm longer than the front!

You can see the difference in this photo. This keeps the dress falling towards the front all the time.

I picked size by measurement and this does not give the dress the fit intended and I really don´t get the "thing" with the semiraglan sleeves, maybee they would be easier to sew if the sleeves where on straight grain and not on the bias.
So now I have two options; use the skirt part and make a skirt or redraw the back bodice and do a lot of ripping...and I must say not today...and since I´m doing radiation and working for two hours now I don´t need this kind of occupation to get the days to go faster.
The pattern envelope suggests making a muslin first. I do that sometimes but not for a semifitted dress like this. I think it´s better these things are checked before sale! This is a construction thing not a fitting thing.

Burda my love there are thou?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Burda 06/2010 mod 123

The good thing about that a lot of people are blogging is that you notice things you shouldn´t vave noticed before. That was the thing with this dress. I saw this
post and thought the dresses where real cute and realiced that I must have that magazine.
This is my dress, it needs a slip ( does not really show that in the photo...)The fabric is a kind of crepe cotton bought in Paris

Very plain and simple front

but the back is kind of cool. There´s no shoulder seam at the shoulders and there´s elastic in it to get the look

Now I´m looking for some knits to make one or two tops from this pattern, nice fast, easy and off to the I think....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nygårds Anna copycat

I love the work of Nygårds Anna Bengtsson, she makes clothes using the finest linen, wool and cotton and in beautiful natural shades, inspired by Swedish folklore. This top or dress cought my eyes as a shortsleeved dress in the window

I used a very basic Onion pattern to draft a pattern from and a white linen from the stash, not at all the nice quality of the original dress and this wearable muslin is what I made:

I will have to make some changes before cutting the dress, on thing is that it it cut to low, there is a limit to how much cleavage I would like to show and this is way too far...I´m gonna make a little "modesty panel" to cover up and I will also clean the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a photo of the fabric for the dress that will be washed tomorrow

I used some decorative stitches on the sleeves but should have stabilazed the fabric for a better result, but I think the blouse is kind of cute and will look good with almost everything and you can´t have too many white blouses...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Simplicity 3786

This pattern came in my possesion a while ago and I liked both of the looks; the wrap and the pintucks, decided to go for view E ( top right) and used a skirting in very light blue and the combination was not so good....

You might not agree with me ...but it looks a lot what dentists and their nurses wear to work in Sweden but properly styled I might feel different about it.

The pattern is great! it has a lot of reviews on PR and it´s easy to sew. I have plans for view C too ( mid left) and making it longer into a dress in maybee linen.
And if I ever will go to a football game this is what I will wear, the color is the same as the local team shirts or I might wear it to work when they are playing...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

McCall´s 5425

This is a pattern I had in my stash for a while, I bought it after seeing some nice dresses and had this fabric in mind back then. It´s a cotton crincled fabric in colors that I really like but is hard to find in stores.
Resently I´ve been seeing som tops simular in style so I decided that it was time for this pattern!

The dress is super easy to sew but there is a two piece back and it has shaping at the waist

Vogue 1236 DKNY dress

I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw it and ordered a copy. I liked the simplicity of the dress, the way the stripes behave at the neckline and that I can wear a bra under without peeking out.

I used a cotton sateen stretch fabric and started by sewing the pleats down, they where supposted to be basted, but I actually prefer them my way so no ripping...

Detail of neckline, looks great in plaid but will work in any fabric and my plan is to make a top from it too. This is going to be a favourite pattern!!!