Sunday, November 25, 2007

Onion goes Chanel

I don´t look so content but I am!. Here´s a back view:
and close up on the hem line with the chain:
I used an article in Treads about simplying the construction and it worked fine, but at the end I omitted putting bias tape around the armcycle and just used zig zag. The arma have facings in the quilted burgundy fabric, used the lower pattern part that could be done in a contrasting fabric.
I like this jacket a lot!

Seconda Ballerina

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More wool

The variagated pink cardigan is frogged and the yarn has been soaked and is not this curly any more I finished my first Ballerina by Hanne Falkenberg
and the beautiful back
Looks much better wearing something nicer than these yogapants. The jacket now belongs to my mother who had her birthday last week This is a closeup on my Ballerina in a rusty red, orange and brown. Need to sew the seams under the arm that are the only seams on this jacket! Very clever design! and fun to knit!
Button still has to be replaced.
Spede update 27 cm ( armlevel)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wool from "down under"

When I came to our latest SnB meeting a woman was unpacking yarn. Her name is Biggan and she was a knitwear designer here in Sweden 25 years ago before she moved to Australia. Now she´s back with her own yarnline. It´s a sooooft merino yarn in 64 colors. Did I say it was soft?
She sells it through her internetstore and here she is herself packing We convinced her to came back before she´s going back so we can buy her yarn so she wouldn´t have to bring it back with her.

Are we "up over" for the aussies????

Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 things to do in the near future!!!!

1. Replace the lost button in my grey jacket, it´s been missing 3- 4 weeks!
2. Frog and fix the yarn from the variagated pink cardigan
3. Finish the Onion goes Chanel jacket
4. Sew all the seams in the brown and teal cardigan ( then I got to find some fun closures for it!) and the felt it.
5. Finish the green spede style cardigan that I finally ( 6 months ) found some more trim for.
6. 3 skirts that are cut and started to sew on should be finished
7. Brown Onion jacket are cut, should be sewed
8. second red pearl cuff should be done
9. Green barett started from the Envy yarn should be finished
10. What if I sew together the aran- lace cotton sweater inspired by Debbie Bliss.

Ok! so there is that button?

Spede update

20 cm! My plan was to do 5 cm/ week and I´ve done the double.
I always liked thin needles but I never thought that I liked them this thin!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Flower power

This is the flowerpin I was talking about earlier. It´s made from a sari silk and merino yarn and pearls from Eva´s goodie box, regular safetypin on the back I decided that I had to show the jacket too. It´s made from a Burda pattern in the Plus size section in a summer issue and is in the original versions unlined. I lined mine and used fake fur for the hood and a left over rayon for inside lining. The green fabric is 100 % wool and bought in Paris 2 years ago. I also have a belt for it but fell that my waist have to be more defined to be used...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Karin went to Kiel

This is the yarn I made during PR weekend in Kiel. As you are supposed to give the yarn a name I chosed "Karin went to Kiel"

Helylle is a yarn shop that opened in Kristiansstad maybee two months ago. It used to be in Vittskövle outside Kristiansstad before. Loverly shop and more yarn than before. Eva now carries Rowan and Drops as well as Rauma and some other stuff. She also sells Spede sweaters, both kits and readymade sweaters if you just want to do the decoration.
I bought more than I intended to do!
I started my spede sweater in a teal yarn I´ve knitted 6 cm and my plan is to do 5 cm/ week and then the body will be finished by the first weekend i february when there will be a spede class on how to do the embellishment
This a detail, the needles are 1,5 mm
I also bought this variagated yarn for a scarf with holes in it that I will felt, not started yet
I saw a scarf in the shop knitted in Drops Fabel, 20 stitches, the hole ball, two knots ine each end. Have done half the scarf now.
Works in any selfstriped sock yarn. I saw that Kaffe Fasset had done colors for Regia. I think a scarf is a much better place to show off nice yarn than on the foot inside a shoe or a boot

Spede sweaters

I felted a man´s wool sweater. It´s in a much nicer brown shade than the photo will tell! Decided that the fully fashion detail was not what I wanted to se, so I
sewed a seam to make it a little bit less showing
Then I cut a neckline
added some fabric, will add some more becourse it´s showing too much
to be continued...

Embellishment and stitchmarkers

We had a workshop last sunday at Eva´s bookbinding workshop. Started at 11.00 wintertime!!! Guess who forgot to turn the clock? I did some croched flowers for my hot pink scarf and for a couple of socks and a nice flower pin that I´ll have to take a picture of Candy!