Friday, June 28, 2013

Burda 09/2011 mod 128

 This blouse cought my eye in an old Burda, it´s not a plus size but I enlarged it by splitting and adding at the side seams. It´s the first project made in my sewingroom and I absolutely love beeing down there
 I used a rayon from San Fransisco from Satin Moon, It costed a little more than other fabrics I bought on that weekend so I got frugal and bought 1,5 yards, not really thinking that there is a difference between meter and yard and with this small amount I should have bought some more. I really love the pattern and they had it in one or two other colorways.

Does it look like in the magazine is a common question on PR and part from beeing more busy due to fabric choise and using sets of three button placement, it does. The original model is made in white and really nice ( hmm I have some white linen...) and have badly done buttonholes...shame on you Burda! I hate then they show poor workmanship och take a photo of a skirt not in the right position ( Yes I have a pic on a skirt rotated 1/4 around the body)
The blouse was easy to sew once I realised that the collar should go on first before attaching back and front....Thats why they have instructions...right!

And now clothes on and go down and sew girl!!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

A little prinsesse

Happy National day to you!  This is Prinsesse Estelle wearing a childs national costume. The swedish national costume is an invention although quite old I still think it´s cute if you are 1years+ but the old folk costume or regional costumes are much more interesting.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Upstairs Downstairs

I got the keys and have starting the move, there are still some fabrics upstairs, as well as furniture, notion, dressform etc, etc but it feels great to be able to look at all the fabrics and pet them too...
I´ve sorted them in wools, knits, linen, silk, tops and dresses, bottoms, odd fabrics and I have some pieces that are like "treasured-fabrics-of-small-amounts-suitable-for-trims". I have some fabric in the attic too, like a lot of quilters cottons and I´m actually looking forward doing some quilting
I knew I had some nice wool but I was surpriced how much knits I´ve collected...