Sunday, May 28, 2006


I haven´t been talking much about sewing, but I´ve been making 5 skirts from the same pattern. I decided I needed simple skirts for summer and I already had a great pattern it´s from Burda 9/2004 number 144 and it does not look that special... The first time I used the pattern was 1,5 years ago, I made almost the pictures skirt but put the pocket so I could put my hand in it.
This time I wanted shorter skirts so my legs could get a tan... so I made them about 60 cm,23 inches, a good lenght for me.
The reason why I love this pattern is that it has elastic in the waist but it is also shaped in the side seams and has darts so there are not so much fabric to add bulk at the waist. I have a picture of the first 3 but not on this computer. Will add then tomorrow. The top skirts fabric is fab. its stretch and has a pattern wowen into it and then it´s printed, I have two skirts of this fabric before and they are so good looking and nice to wear.

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