Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fiber Vacation ends

My fiber vacation ends today.
This is what have happened:
There´s a hole in my finger due to to much knitting, resting
The mermaid yarn is ready, keeping it single and are going to knit a shawl ( as if I lack of them...)
One skirt is finished and one more that I will hemmed tonight
A jacket i half finished, need to find that purple lining and finish it
2 blouses ready
I bought an Elnapress, for the first time in a long time I have no interest in learning to master sew in interfacings.
Baby owl sweater finished
2 bras finished ( one was only the eye and hook band...)
I passed a lot of things to the garbage, things that I cut out, sometimes started or never started to sew.
I worked out a god basic T-shirt pattern that fits me
I spend a lot of time on the internet...

There´s a lot less things laying around in my sewing/bedroom and it will be so much easier to start on my pants tomorrow.
And I really enjoy going back to work so I can apply for next vacation
and when "real" computer is back there will be pictures!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Computer crash

My computer crashed and when getting the bag to put it in for trip to doctor aka brother I found my old computer and it´s very low on memeory and keep remainding me of that every 10 minutes or so. It´s also very laod, you can actually hear it work and I think watching episodes of Power sewing is out of the question so when I´m not sewing, knittin, spinning I browse old issues of Threads and are finding old memories an real treasures.
I made myself one more blouse, almost done, using a Patrones pattern that I had to change due to lack of fabric, some ruffles hade to go and since I´m really entusiastic about piping I added some piping as a contrast but now I´m having second thoughts if it makes it looks like a pyjama...
I also have a skirt cut out, a lovely striped cotton in purple with pink and some other colors in the stripes and some texture too, really a favourite, bought in Paris.
Now I planned to line it and I wanted a pink lining and that´s no problem...the problem is that I want a rayon/ viscose lining. I really wish there where a store in my town with a large selection of this type of fabric. So I´ll probably not line it.
I talked about my love for Odd Molly before and they have some really nice details in collection that are not the first thing you see due to all the colors and stuff, I´ve seed underskirts that are buttoned to the side of the outer skirt and also can be worn seperate and that´s my intension. Is underskirt a proper word or should it be slip??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mermaid yarn

Wool from Spinderiet in Helsingor ( Denmark )

Black jeans skirt

I was importing pictures from my camera and I have no pics of the shirt ( all buttoned ) so here´s one of the jeans skirt instead:

It´s nailed to the dummy and I used a basic 8 gore skirt from an old Burda Plus, very basic and made pockets in the side panels using quilters cotton to line them.
All the seams are flatfelled using a jeanstread in a color that I think is the proper color for that purpuse ( stof och stil ) The rivets are from Prym and reversible so there´s one side that´s silver also.

Had a little accident doing the topstitching

Is now repared by handstitchin a new piece of fabric to cover it up.
For the waist treatment I used Petersham band. After Sandra Betzina´s article in Threads years ago I found a small fabricstore in the basement of an optimistic womans house that was closing down and they had curved Petersham so I bought 20 meters and still have some left.
The denim is from Stof och stil, theire 10 oz black unwashed that I washed myself but I really prefer the prewashed they sell.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Notion shopping

I bought my buttons today and after seeing a lot of Sandra and Ron I was curious about wondertape and using wooly nylon on the bobbin when hemming knits with twin needle ( They have a lot of great tips in those shows). My local dealer Greger had it all! and some more things. The store is small, crowded but boy do they have things in there...Now I want to find the steam a seam light narrow thing that they use and the gauge to measure placement of buttons and buttonholes with.
I started a jeans skirt using 10oz black denim and doing flatfelled seams and everything. In David Page Coffins book on trousers he has a great way to install a zipper with a fly. I been using it a couple of times and the step by step instructions makes it easy.
the flatfelling of the seams are glued using my regular craft glue. I sew the seam using 2 cm seam allowance, press it open. the one that will be folded over are pressed down to half and the other one is cut of leaving about 5 mm fabric, then I add some glue to the overlapping part and press it over and press using my finger. Easy to sew and stays in place.
I bought a flatfeller for jeans, I think it´s a 9 mm that´s available for my Viking machine but I think that I have more control doing it without it.

Buttons wanted

I finished everything but the buttonholes and the buttons yesterday. Will take a walk later to get some.
The shirt ( there will be pictures later) is a mens skirt style and quite roomy. I will probably wear it over a dress or skirt and top. I´m really proud of my sewing that I put into this one. I used David Page Coffins book as referens and the Burda plus pattern from the spring-summer issue with the bib. I omittet the bib and did a FBA that turned out to be to small so I kind of draped it on me and pinched the new dart that I later ripped and made shorter.
Everything is made properly on this shirt, the yoke is turned, the seams are flatfelled and the collar is made using DPC´s method of sewing the collar band to the skirt and adding the collar last so the last seam will be on the "underside" of the collar, not as I did before the wrong side of the collar band to the body.
I joined Powersewing this weekend and in one of the lessons they show a cool way to do the collar that I think is better so now I´ll have to do a new shirt...
I finished a jeans skirt the other week, same as the beige one in the review gadget but it much to big so yesterday I traced a new skirt pattern and are going down to the basement to cut it out now.

And I did the macig touch on the iron...I turned it of, let it cool and yurned it on again and voila!