Saturday, July 29, 2006

I made pants!

I only show the closeup. The photo of me in the mirror looks odd. I used a BWF pattern 2006/ 05 no 134 that I added lenght in the legs to and made a draw string waist. I saw a simular pair in town last summer and I´m so glad that I finally have these pants. I´m also glad that I´m back in business, tomorrow I´m gonna go down to the basement and cut out a jacket and a skirt. I have to show you what it look like in "my" basement. The room I use for cutting is a mangel room. A mangel is a giant machine that due to pressure makes your linen and sheets wrinklefree instead of ironing. Here´s 2 pics:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I made a skirt!

Sewing has been down here for a while, now mostly due to heat.
I bought a linen remnant at Stof och Stil in charcoal and found a nice skirt in BWF 6/2006 but decided to use the upperpart from the skirts I made earlier and blogged about. The skirt looks like this

The hem has a nice swing but after trying it on I feel that it´s not 100% linen and it feels to warm right now. I also feel that you can´t see the cut even though I topstitched it. It´s actually more visable on the photo than in real life. Now I want to make a jacket with a lot of detail but not in this heat...

Monday, July 10, 2006


These bags are one of the things I was druling over today as I spent the day in Copenhagen, these big bags costs about 350 dollars/ 2500 kronor. I also bought lace and lingerie fabric, silk yarn and a bra and panties from a lingerie store called Change there it´s normal to wear over a D cup and at affordable prices and the cute stuff in the big cupsizes too!
I feel I need to organize my sewing area, it´s not only the wheather that keeps me from sewing, and my bathingsuit is falling apart in front of my eyes due to clorine and salt and I know I have a piece of swim suit fabric somewhere...
Tomorrow it´s SnB!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gathering of lace 3

I´m totally in love with this book!

I knitted a sampler of the lace for the v-neck cardigan and have done som recalculating so now I´m off to buy yarn. I´m gonna make the edges in a contrast color to make it a little Odd Molly

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gathering of lace 2

I love this book!!!!
I had to start a shawl yesterday. I´m making the feather and fan shawl and using a recycled red yarn and I choosed this pattern becourse I felt that I could end it anytime if I´m out of yarn.
Next I´m gonna make a tablecloth from offwhite cotton and there´s clothes in it too. I have to buy this book!