Monday, May 27, 2013

Soon to bee sewing room

 This is my soon to be sewing room! It´s in the basement of my appartmentbuilding, quite big, has some loose shelving also and is just been repainted, It does not have an outlet but it will any day. I will pay 200 crowns for this!!! it´s like 30 dollars / month at it will give me a chance to keep my appartment free from snippets and some of the dust but most of all it will give me a chance to indulce in my hobby!

1920 extravaganza

I went to a 1920 style burlesk extravaganza and had a fabulous time, I wanted a flapperstyle dress that I could wear casual also, so I used no 432 from the Burda Plus that I wrote about before and added the angle cut and the ruffles from Vogue 8082 that I oicked from the unloved table at PR weekend SF
 The fabric is from Paris, marked as rayon but I think it´s polyester, and even though it´s kind of retro it´s really not 20 something, I underlined the dress with Silk organza that I brought home from Stone Mountain in Berkeley
 The headpiece that I bought at Claire´s in London and a elastik trim with sequens on bought locally
 The skirt looks like this and I made view A since I was kind of lacking in fabric, I even hade to piece some fabric for the ruffles. The rufffles was cut on bias and hanged out very uneven, the little point on the upper ruffle had to be shortened becource it was longer than the under ruffle.
It was fantastic to see what everybody was wearing, next time I´ll put more glitter into it...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Shaukat is at 700 old Brompton road and you´ll reach if by taking bus C1 from Victoria station. They sell tweeds and Liberty and the prices of Liberty is so much better than in any other store I visited, You can shop 3 meter pieces or have them to cut from the bolt for you
This is 3 meter pieces very eatly folded and the store is very clean, fabric stores have a tendency to be dusty but nor here
They also have chairs for company who dont want to explore the shelves. This is Hanna without the mask...
and this is the two pieces I bought, the first is very Liberty to me and the second one not so but has a nice retro feel to it. Liberty cottons are so nice to touch and have the nicest drape....yum!
Next week I will be given the keyes to my new sewingroom. I decided that I lacked a room and wrote the board of my appartment building if they had any vacancies and they did not but shortly after this room, right down the stairs was available and now it´s been cleaned and painted and I can start carry down thing very soon. There´s even very functional shelves down there, so I´m looking forward get my appartment livable again....and the rent for this room is less than tiny...

Oh yes! and I´m going to Ireland in August!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good night mask

I don´t know what the proper name is for this but my niece fixed one for herself fast

Protect and serve

I`m not in the army but at Stonemountain and dauther in Berkeley I bought a pattern from Decades of style, they had a lot of nice patterns, but I like aprons, have some vintage in the attic and also some vintage patterns, but they are kind of small in sence that they don´t protect very well.  On this apron almost all seams are finished with bias tape and I had readymade in my stash, the fabric is a quilters cotton that are more stable than usual and I thoughyt that the combo had a vintage feel to it. I would like to do this again but then I would make the pocket bigger.
The pattern is no 5005 1950s Ptotect & Serve Apron, highly recommended!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Burda Plus spring/summer 2013

Burda Plus have the last years been a kind of " best of" so if you by Burda Style you already have all the pattern...Now they are back in business with this issue; all new patterns, at least for plus size and I can basically see myself in almost everything Nice stories and fab fabrics.
Thank you Burda!!!!

I´m working on a flapper dress that I´m going to wear to a party extravaganza later this month and used one of the dresses from this issue as a top and going to use a Vogue skirt pattern for bottom. I´m using a kind of retro fabric bought in Paris and underlining with silk organza and the fabrics don´t behave in the same way...I´ve done underlining before but not this large pieces, but there´s still plen...some time to get the job done.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I dont sew much home dec, but I´m proud to live in an appartment where all the curtains are hemmed...
I do enjoy cooking, baking etc and used to write a blog on those subjects too, today I sometimes read foodblogs and one of my favourites are Chocolate and Zucchini A long time ago she made napkins by sewing two fat quarters together, turning them and topstitch, really nice and I thought I could do that with my reproductionfabrics that I´ve been stashing and then I forgot all about it until I watched the FQ table at Peapod fabrics and I bought 8 pieces that cordinated in pairs. I cut squares as large as I could get and used a contrast from one of the fabrics for the topstitching. Really nice and fast and great for a gift.

Monday, May 06, 2013

San Fransisco

I can´t believe it´s a week since I went home, due to timezones It will be a week tomorrow from when I returned. I´m still on vacation and have not have any big issues with jetlag maybee due to that I was up early the entire week in SF. I toured the city, shopped a lot of fabric and attendet PR weekend and listened to Sandra Betzina....and bought some books from her and got some patterns for free that where unloved by others
and here´s some photos that are not fiberrelated

OK there might be some fibers in the strawberries and the tea leaf sallad...