Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The little top of horror

This is so horrible! The fabric is a remnant from local stoff and stil, I probably bought it after a vacation in Spain and felt that it was a little Desigual...Then I cutted this Sandra Betzina top and left it for about 2 or 3 years, found it and decided to finish it, will never wear it...BUT...I love this pattern, it´s feminine, has shape and is not bulky at all under the arms as someone wrote on PR. I want to make a long sleeved version in rayon. The pattern is OOP, the pieces are kind of weird but the result will be beautiful in another fabric

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Collection ( one of many)

Not only do I collect thimbles, I also collect other sewin related stuff and my latest collection is mugs that show of fiberrelated decors. I bought the two Merchant and Mill mugs in Dublin and the other two here in Malmö and when in London I bought a mug tree, I´ve been seeing them through my travels in the UK and Ireland so this collection will be limited to 6 mugs

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meringue anyone?

Beeing a weight watcher you really should not eat sweets or at least limit your consumtion. So nice of Colette that I can indulce both Beignet and Meringue that contains no points...
 The shirt is from the last post and the skirt is the Meringue from the book I did not do the scalloped hem and I added pockets inspired by this photo that I pinned on Pinterest
 I did a lot of extra stitching on the pockets before I got it right, mostly I used the serger on too many seams and finally decided to line the pocket. I turned the outer edges and finished the opening edge by hand. The fabric is a cotton sateen with a little stretch in from Joann
I used my invisable zipper foot for the first time ( what took me so long??) the largest size on the pattern sheet and a adjustment for the back "shelf". A really easy and fast project part from the pockets that took me some extra time, more time than needed actually.
I´m not sure but I think the front darts on this skirt is placed closer together than on other skirts.
I might as well do one more for summer with the scalloped hem.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Burda 2012/5/135 the SIB

SIB stands for Sexy Italian Blouse and I really don´t think that blouse is so sexy but the storyline in Burda was "Dolce Vita" and the fabric is from why not? The fabric is from my favourite Swedish fabricstore; Gittes and I just happened to come in there one day as they where unpacking a load of italian mens shirt fabric and I bought 3 pieces and I think I went back for one more later. This fabric matches the skirts fabric so at first I thought I would make a dress from it, but that´s what´s so good about buying fabrics, you can always change your mind later
the blouse is pretty basic and comes with 3 different sleeves and a tie instead of collar and there´s a dress option too. I made a yoke on the back since I could not decide on how to unmatch the shoulders
 False sleeve cuffs and mother of pearl buttons did a nice finish

It´s made right of the pattern with the exeption that I went up one size for the hips.
The tie blouse has really cute sleeves and was sewn in a chiffon in adotty fabric and I so want one just like I might go fabric hunting and YEY we have a new fabric store in town!!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Bias Burda dress

I finished my grey Burda dress and my goal for this year is to start making reviews on PR again, but not tonight...( and also document my projects on Ravelry, but not tonight either...)
 I´ve been doing things in the past on bias but the low neckline makes the drape of the fabric different in the front-front part, it´s OK but it´s proof of that you just can´t take any pattern and make a bias garment from it. I really like the sleeves and neckline on this dress and as long as you let it hang and stabilize the neckline and the armcycle, it´s not difficult to sew
 I managed to get some good shots of Missan, here she´s resting on proof of my former quilting days