Sunday, August 27, 2006

Alive and knitting

This is my cat playing with my latest project. I ran across some difficulty sewing the pockets on the jacket so it´s been put aside. This project is going to be som kind of raglan sweather, it´s the frogged coton from the lace project . It´s the back and it´s done starting in the middle, adding on stitch at the beginning of each row and 2 stitches on eash side of the middlestitch, when the width is to measure I´ve knitted 2 stitches together at the beginning of each row. I like knitting on small needles, and it´s easy to knit and talk on the same time so I kind of enjoying it. The safety pin is marking for the neckline on the front, but I´m not there yet...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Safarijacket BWF 4/2006 # 124

In April´s Burda there where a collection in The PLUS range from Lucia and I liked both the jackets but wanted to start off with tha safari jacket
I liked the cut of this jacket so much and I had a suitable fabric in my stash so let´s go...
ooops! not enough fabric, lacking 20 cm ( 8 inches ) from wat it says in the magazine and you can see from the photo that there are not much left, and there´s a spot on that part too!

I thought over my options, less pockets? no but reminding me of a tip in treads saying using single layer layout I drew patterns of the pocket flaps and cuffs and placed them on the remaining piece of fabric avoiding the spot! and if I used the lining fabric for the pockets there are enought fabric!!

After marking the pockets I decided that I wanted the other side out so I removed the markings using fabric spot remover and a toothbrush and now some pieces are hanging in my shower drying. Then I´ll have to remark them
The story continues...

BWF pants 9/2004# 142

I liked the skirt with the great elastic waist so much that I just have to do the pants too with the hem treatment.
Me and stretch pants have not been on the same planet before due to seeing a lot of awful visions of what Tini calls the "muffin effect" or something like that. I bought my first pair of jeans with stretch earlier this week and then decided to tackle some fabric with stretch in them. The pants are great and here are some closeup on the details like the hem and the pintuck.
I got the fabric at the ugly fabric SWAP at PR weekend in Denmark last year so the pants cost me the thread and the elastic! The metall rings where salvaged from some other project