Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greenland and Musk Oxes

I´ve been to Greenland, Kangerlussuaq for a holiday visiting a friend who works there. a lot of Ice and snow but really nice!
This is me in sealskin clothes ready to go dog sleighing

I saw some reindeers but not any musk oxes that where alive. Muskox yarn is very expensive ans due to how it´s prepared now wonder.
Birthe who we visited buy skins that she stock in piles outside and take them in for thawing

She shaves off the long hair with an electric devise to the right in this picture and then the bottom hair that is so thick and so soft is pulled off with help from hands and combs like you use to comb a dog
Then the fleece is gone over by hand to remove "sticky" hair. packed and sent to denmark for spinning and then returned. She did some handspinning to and also spun yarns into cones for machineknitting

As you can see the pictures are in the wrong order but you´ll get it...don´t you?