Saturday, June 03, 2006


I started the perfect pie shawl from weekend knitting with the light purple mohair, did not work out. The yarn is too fluffy to show of the pattern so back to the bin and I took some grey wool and used that instead. Much better! I casted on about 150 stiches instead of 76 and used smaller needles. you use a short row teqnique and the pattern is fun and easy. I have some black wool that I´m planning to use for the border.
My hot pink bag is done, frogged and recroched with one stand of yarn and a pattern found in Burda easy fashion; you crochet 3 rows of half double crochet and the fourth row you make a triple crochet stitch in the fourth stitch from the needle, then you make 3 double stitces in the 3 stiches behind the triple stitch.
The new bag is deeper and will have a nice lining with pockets for the cellphone and other things
Now I have to go and get the handles!

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