Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bath room redecoration

No! I did not do this I´m only paining it
but I will have to find a darker hue. The cupboard is from a shop called "Byggfabriken" that sells old fashioned thing like victorian tiles, bathtubs, switchboards and doorknobs from different eras and a lot of other things

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stash knitting 2

The purple mohair scarf is knitted!
The green one is almost done, I need a little more yarn and I lent it to a fellow knitter and hopefully get some back on Tuesday.
It´s been interested to knit I never started with the small border, picked up stitches from it knitted the scarf and ended it knitting the second smallborder at the same time as closing off the knitted scarf.
I also weaved in yarn on 4 ( four ) socks yesterday!!!!!!! more to go!

Frost cardigan

I like this book, It´s danish from birth but translated into swedish I made this skirt in purple before, of course it´s not quite finished...I need to buy additional teal yarn for the picots and have not decided if I´m allowed to do that yet
I´ve been looking for this hoodie cardigan for a long time and now it´s a WIP
Closeup at the lace pattern called frost. It´s a little difficult to begin with but after a few rippings I now got the hang of it... you can see!
It looks like I´m using the original yarn but mine is called "Extra" and is a superwash from Schachenmayr bought at PR weekend Kiel.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wristlet warmer or cuff

Remnant of teal opal sockyarn and a pattern from yll och tyll a yarnshop in Uppsala. Finished and need to be sewed together ( as do a lot of other things too!)