Friday, August 28, 2009

The Myrtle

I started on my next Bohus that I will knit from scratch, even the yoke. I´m doing the Myrtle that is a quite new kit in green shades and are based on The egg. The designs is growing row by row and millimeter by millimeter and is absolutely stunning. The photo does not do the colors justice! ( that sentence works in swedish...)
Bohus patterns are different from other stranded work not only by the purl stitches but the patterns are not in "wedges" and would look very strange if using different colors on the yarn instead of the shades that where used. The yarn is a delight to knit and the purl stitches makes it easier for me to get the right tension and hold the loose treads at the right lenght, maybee becourse I have to knit slower. I loose track of time knitting this!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bohus Tobacco progress report

I´ve reknitted the body due to gauge and size and are now working on the second sleeve, aka the last sleeve. Have to decide on button bands...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think Pink!

I´ve had an idea for a while!
Since october is breast awarness mounth why don´t everybody knit their own pink scarf in september to wear through october. You can use any yarn and any pattern as long as it´s pink. I even started some kind of discussion on Ravelry about it, since I havn´t done much there I´m not sure I did iy on the proper place.
Wearing your own pink scarf will of course not stop you from buying the pink ribbon or donate money in another way for research!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lingerie again

This is turning into a "brablogg" but I´ve enjoyed sewing them and for the first time in my life underwear are not the limiting thing in my know the thing that when you are out of them you have to do laundry

I dyed the fabric myself, it should have been red but that what happenes when you dye synthetic stuff. Anyway the bra is really comfy and by underlining it with powernet the color has been toned down. I made the bows myself with a little ribbon and a flower from yardage

I named the set the "Fanta" set.

Gudrun Sjöden

Gudrun Sjöden is a swedish designer that has a very personal style. She´s inspired by traditional clothing and textiles and this year the winter collection is TDF!
There are some blouses with embroidery on the arms that I´m gonna try to copy and some linen dresses not to speak of the cardigans. If you´re not into folkloric clothes she has a basic collection with good quality knitwear in very special colors.
I have some pieces from her that I like to use in a more toned down style and also some basics like black t-shirt. Go to her homepage and take a look!