Monday, March 05, 2012

Pacific UFO for Mars

This is a pattern by Marianne Isager from her Inka knitting book. If you are in to a real challenge she will provide you with several suggestions. I´ve been knitting on it or more I started on it a year ago and picked it up mid februari and are slowly making progress. I´m not a skilled Fair Isle knitter so I knit one color at the time slipping the other color. So that takes extra time too.
My sewingroom is making progress so very soon I will be able to start sewing again. I have some plans for spring/ summer. I wear most of my clothes year around but layer them differently, The cardigans I wear during the colder months works as outerwear during the warmer months, I wear pants and tops under dresses and tunics during the colder month to keep warm. and I wear my sandals indoor and I have a lot of shawls that I wear year around too, really like lace shawls in thin wool