Thursday, June 26, 2008

Knitted skirt

I finished my knitted skirt today. I kind of like it, it´s a little see-trough due to the lacy pattern but I´m planning to wear black tights under.
The yarn is a Patons cotton, just ordinary stuff from the supermarket...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Look 6775

Item number four in the PR stash competition.
The pattern is avery versantile one with 3 sleeve options and this sleeve less. I already have one more cut from one of my Paris fabrics. This dress is 4 inches longer than the longer dress in the pattern envelope

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fabric shopping in Paris

I´ve been to Paris for a couple of days and visited the fabric shops at Montmartre. The first two pictures are from Tissue Reine These dolls are so cute
I didn´t buy anyting there but below are my purchases. Pieces of about 3 m each bought at some shop called something like " gentlement of tissue"
The red pieces are from onother store on Rue DÓrsel. I can´t recall the name but they had another shop too, only for shops, professionals etc and he told me the other store bought fabrics from them.
The off white to the left is a stripe structured cotton, will be good for a jacket, 3m 18 euro.
The red- white flowery is rayon that I think will be good for s retro dress 3 m 12 euro
The teal white wíth embroidery, dress also, 3 m 18 euro, cotton
the plaid, viscose 4m 10 euro
the flowery, viscose 3 m 10 euro, they match!
Then its a silk with a border at one side willmake some kind of blouse or dress that are so popular now, silk/cotton, 3 m 23 euro
The last one is a kind of shirt fabric in cotton, has a stripe structure 1,5 m 8 euro

There are a lot of stores around Marche St Pierre and you can find simular and the same thing at the same prices in them. Shop around!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you want Leila´s kitchen, right here is where you start creating. In crochet!

This is Leila Lindholm. She´s probably swedens most popular TV chef. Right now she bakes! She´s cute as a button and her kitchens are full of colourful things in pastell. look at the picture! Of course she does the styling herself and she uses a lot of second hand things too. This picture is from the baking series and the kitchen is from a B&B in Mariefred This is from her kitchen:
This is my latest attempt to get the look.
They are croched in double what we call 8/4 cottonyarn or regular crochet yarn. The pink is from Stoff och stil and the off-white is an organic cotton yarn
This drink might work in the kitchen...

I believe that these double crochet panholders ( what are they called in english? ) are the best and I´m working on red with black edge for my parents

Monday, June 16, 2008

Becourse I´m worth it!

There´s been a flower festival this weekend and I got this

Blue cardigan

Things do get finished here! The blue cardigan in superwash wool bought at PR weekend in Kiel is finished. I tried out two new skills; I-cord for the belt carriers, fun and so easy and then I attached the arms using backstitches or what we called stemstitches. I always use a kind of ladder stitch and did so for the rest of the cardigan. The dress is an old favourite. It´s un OOP Burda. It was a white dress with a kind of balloon skirt and it only lasted one season. The fabric is silk and it was an UFO for maybee two years until my cousin was getting married. Then I decided it was time to hem it

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Onion double wrap skirt

So this is my second item to the PR stash reduction contest. I think both fabrics are rayon ( that´s how stash works...) It´s my second skirt from this fabulous pattern! 5 yards of fabric

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New kitchen curtains

I finally made new curtains for my kitchen! I used to have red curtains but after beeing curtainfree since easter I decided that I wanted something lighter and recalled the linenfabric in my stash. The curtains are my first items in the PR reviews stash contest.
The linen was not the heavy linen I recalled and I actually think it´s a blend of cotton and linen. I have some plans on making a blouse of the remaining fabric. Linen is such a nice fabric to wear, but you have to like ironing!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


This is my leftover wool project. Got inspiration from a Vogue knitting. Take what you have and knit random. All my yarns has to be wool becourse I´m going to felt it a little and then make a wrap out of it....or something else.....someday or the next

Onion goes Odd Molly again

I added som lace, organza for the drawstring with pearls in the ends and used the iron a little.
Next time I will make the bodice a little longer, the sleeves narrower and I think I will add buttons in the front on the bodice. I have a plaid I bought at PR Kiel that I´m going to use. The fabric is a little heavier so it will be great for fall. This one will work this summer.